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Numerical control lathe indexable tool characteristics, types and structure is introduced

by:SNK     2020-08-24
Numerical control lathe indexable tool, release time characteristics, type and structure form - 2017 12 - 05 clicks: a 3386 times characteristics of indexable tool, numerical control lathe numerical control lathe of indexable turning tool, its geometric parameters is through the blade shape and structure of the blade on the blade groove bearing installation form, there is no essential difference between compared with general lathe, its basic structure, the function and characteristics are the same. But numerical control lathe machining process is done automatically, so the requirement of indexable turning and is different from the general lathe tool, used by the specific requirements, characteristics and purpose are as follows: 1, high precision: M level or higher accuracy level of blade; Many use level precision tool rod; With trimming device of tool holder in closed to preset. Objective: to ensure the blade repeat positioning accuracy, convenient coordinate setting, guarantee the point location accuracy. 2, high reliability: the chip breaker high reliability of chip breaker groove or a chip breaker and tool of chip breaker; USES the structure reliable tool, USES the composite clamping structure and other clamping reliable structure. Objective: chip breaker is stable, there can be no disorder and continuous chip; To adapt to the tool post fast moving and transposition and the entire process of automatic cutting clamp can not have loose requirements. 3, tool change rapidly: the cutting tool system; Using the quick change knife. Objective: to quickly replace the different forms of cutting parts, complete a variety of machining, improve production efficiency. 4, the blade material: blade more USES coating blade. Objective: to meet the requirements of production beats, improve processing efficiency. 5, tool rod shape: tool rod more use square cutter bar, but because of the large difference of tool holder system structure, some need to use special tool rod. Objective: to tool holder and tool holder system matching. Second, the numerical control lathe indexable turning tool types of indexable turning tool according to its USES can be divided into cylindrical turning tool, copying turning, facing tool, turning tool, grooving knife, cutting tool and the threading tool and so on, details are as follows: type main cylindrical turning Angle for machine tool, 900, 500, 600, 750, 450 ordinary lathe and CNC lathe profiling lathe tool is 930, 107. Facing tool 50 copying lathe and CNC lathe 900, 450, 750 ordinary lathe and CNC lathe turning tool in 450, 600, 750, 900, 910, 930, 950, 107. 50 ordinary lathe and CNC lathe cutting tool engine lathe and CNC lathe threading tool ordinary lathe and CNC lathe grooving knife ordinary lathe and CNC lathe, CNC lathe indexable turning tool 1, lever: the levers, screws, knives, pad, knife pad pin, the blade. This way relying on the screw tightening pressure on leverage, by leveraging the force pressure blade clamp fixed. Its characteristic is suitable for all kinds of positive and negative rake Angle of the blade, Angle range for - before effective 60 ~ + 180; Can unimpeded through the chip, cutting heat does not affect the screw hole and leverage; Two sides of tank wall for blade and strong support, and to ensure the accuracy of inversion. 2, the wedge type: by tight set screw, knife pad, pin, wedge, the blade. This way to rely on the pin and wedge extrusion tighten the blade. Its characteristic is suitable for all kinds of negative rake Angle blade, the change of the effective rake Angle range is - 60 ~ + 180. Both the tank wall, facilitate copying or reverse operation gaps. 3, the wedge clamping type: by a tight set screw, knife pad, pin, compression of wedge, the blade. This way, depending on the pin and wedge pressure dint the blade clamping. Its characteristic with wedge type, but smooth chip wedge type. In addition to bolt hole pressure type, pressure type, such as pressure type on the form.
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