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Numerical control lathe in workpiece positioning clamping when we should pay attention to what?

by:SNK     2020-09-04
Numerical control lathe in workpiece positioning clamping when we should pay attention to what? Release date: 2019 11 - 18 clicks: 366 numerical control lathe in workpiece positioning clamping when we should pay attention to what? Installation method with common lathe CNC lathe parts, try to choose an existing general fixture clamping, and attention should be paid to decrease The Times of the clamping and try to be in a clamping can all the parts to machining surface. Parts positioning datum should as far as possible and the design datum coincidence, to reduce the influence of position error on the dimensional precision. In order to ensure the machining accuracy, in the process of machining on the CNC lathe processing parts, must first make the workpiece on the machine a correct position, the position, then the clamping. The positioning and clamping of the clamping process called artifacts. Process equipment is used for clamping workpiece machine tool fixture. Numerical control lathe workpiece positioning: at six workpieces in empty asked with six degrees of freedom, namely, along the x, y, z three orthogonal axes direction moving round the three degrees of freedom and of axes rotational degree of freedom, therefore, to fully determine the position of the workpiece, we must eliminate the six degrees of freedom, usually with six bearing point ( The positioning element) To limit the six degrees of freedom of the key, each bearing point limit corresponding to a degree of freedom, such as y plane, not in a straight line of the king of the three supporting points limits the artifacts, in three degrees of freedom, the datum flat said; Along the length direction in plane layout of two supporting points limits the workpiece with two degrees of freedom, the plane is called guide plane; Trigger artifacts in xoz on the surface, they are restricted by a point of support, a degree of freedom, this plane said plane. We should pay attention to in front of the numerical control lathe clamping workpiece, staff must first get rid of the impurities such as sand mud in the workpiece, lest embedded into the dragging plate sliding surface impurities, intensifying guide soft wear or & other; Chewed & throughout; The guide rail. Nc lathe in the clamping and correcting some school large size, complicated shape and the clamping area of minor artifacts, should be placed on the surface of the workpiece under the machine tool bed in advance of a wooden bed plate, or loose with press plunger to resist the workpiece at the same time, to prevent it falls bad machine tools, such as found that the position of the workpiece is not correct or skew, hitting of avoid by all means, so as not to affect the precision of the machine tool spindle, must first to grip, linking piece or plunger slightly loosen, then correction step by step.
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