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Numerical control lathe guide form should now to know it was

by:SNK     2020-08-26
CNC lathe guide form should now just know to release time: 2018 - 09 - 28 clicks: 3552 times of CNC lathe guide form should now just know to guide vice is one of the important parts of numerical control lathe, to a large extent determine the stiffness and precision of the nc machine tool and accuracy stable. Numerical control lathe guide must have a high orientation precision, high rigidity, high wear resistance, machine tool in high speed feed without vibration, low speed feed without crawling. The main guide nc lathe is used currently are plastic sliding guide rail, rolling guideway and hydrostatic guideway. Numerical control lathe the slide guide material is cast iron used for plastic or steel to plastic sliding guide rail. Guide plastic commonly used ptfe guide soft belt and epoxy abrasion rail coating. About installation form linear rolling guide, it can be horizontal, vertical or inclined, can two or more parallel installation root, can also take two or more root short guide, to meet the needs of the various travel and USES. USES the linear rolling guide vice, can simplify the machine tool guideway part of the design, manufacture and assembly. Linear rolling guide to install the base surface accuracy is not high, usually as long as the essence or milling planer. Due to the linear rolling guide has homogenizing effect of error, the installed base will not fully reflect the error to the movement of the slide. Usually slide motion error is about 1/3 of the base level error. Guide rail and slide block and side base on positioning on the steps, should first cap and then is fixed on the other side. Guide rail installation steps: 1. Will guide datum side base close to the surface of machine assembly, screw hole, will gently guide bolts shall be fixed; 2. To tighten the guide rail lateral jacking device, to guide the benchmark side glue on the side of the bed; 3. In accordance with the provisions, reference, with the installation of torque wrench screw down the guide screw; Cross order from middle to both ends. The slide block seat installation steps are as follows: 1. The workbench in the plane of the sliding block, and on the mounting screw hole, gently pressure tight; 2. Tighten the benchmark side sliding block lateral compression device, sliding block and the benchmark side glue on the side of the table base. 3. Tighten the benchmark in diagonal order sliding block on each side and the benchmark screws. After the installation, check whether the whole trip run light and flexible, and beating, block phenomenon; Frictional resistance should not have obvious change in the whole trip. After reaching the above requirements, check the operation of the workbench straightness, parallelism is in line with the requirements. Hydrostatic guideway is to have a certain pressure of oil through the choke to guide the oil cavity, bearing oil film formation, separated from the metal surface will touch each other, realize the liquid friction. The friction factor of the guide rail ( About 0. 0005). , high mechanical efficiency, due to the guide surface with a layer of oil film, good vibration absorbing; Guideway don't touch each other, will not wear, long life, but also not easy to produce under the low speed running. But the static pressure guide rail structure is complex, the manufacturing cost is higher. Hydrostatic guideway form according to the guide rail can be divided into open and closed two; According to the oil supply mode can be divided into constant pressure ( The constant pressure) Oil supply and constant current ( The quantitative) Two kinds of oil supply.
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