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Numerical control lathe gm's daily operating procedures and maintenance system

by:SNK     2020-08-27
System of numerical control lathe gm's daily operating procedures and maintenance release date: 2015 - 05 - 04 clicks: 1 3207 times, prevent dust dirt from entering the internal in the numerical control lathe numerical control lathe processing workshops usually have oil mist in the air, dust, and even metal powder, once they fall in the numerical control system in the circuit board or electronic device, easy to cause the insulation resistance between the components to drop, even cause the damage of components and circuit board, should check whether the CNC on the cooling fan is working normally. Once every half a year or every quarter to check air duct filters are blocking phenomenon, if the filter dust accumulation is overmuch, not clear in time, will cause in numerical control cabinet temperature too high. 2, general numerical control lathe numerical control system for CMOSRAM storage device is equipped with rechargeable battery circuit maintenance, to ensure that the system can maintain its storage contents during without power. In general, even failure, should also be replaced once a year, to ensure the system to work normally. Battery replacement shall be carried out in the numerical control system of power supply condition, when the replacement in case loss of information in RAM. 3, spare copies of the printed circuit board for a long time need not when, should be installed on a regular basis to the electricity in the numerical control system for a period of time, in case of damage. 4, regularly adjust tightness of CNC lathe spindle drive belt, turn to prevent lost caused by belt skid phenomenon; Check the spindle lubrication of constant temperature tank, adjust temperature range, timely supply of oil, and cleaning the filter; Cutting tools in numerical control lathe spindle clamping device for a long time after use, will produce clearance, affect the tool clamping, need to adjust the hydraulic cylinder piston displacement. 5, regular check, adjust the CNC lathe screw thread vice axial clearance, ensure accuracy of reverse transmission and axial stiffness; Check the connection of CNC lathe leadscrew and lathe bed if there's any loose; Screw protective device with a damage to change in time, to prevent dust or chip in. 6, it is forbidden to put the overweight, super long knives into CNC lathe knife library, to avoid a manipulator tool change when off a knife or cutting tool and workpiece and fixture collision; Check the back to the zero position of the CNC lathe tool storage is correct, check whether the numerical control lathe spindle back to change knife point location is in place, and timely adjustment; When turned on, should make the CNC lathe tool storage and manipulator empty running, check whether the parts work is normal, especially the travel switch and solenoid valve can be normal action. 7, on a regular basis for nc lathe various lubrication, hydraulic and pneumatic system of filter and clean or replace filters or points; Regular oil laboratory tests to CNC lathe hydraulic system, add and replace hydraulic oil; On a regular basis to pressure on the water system water gas filter. 8, numerical control lathe level on a regular basis, and mechanical precision check and correction. CNC lathe precision calibration method has two kinds of hard and soft. Its soft compensation method is mainly through the system parameters, such as screw backlash compensation, the coordinate position precision fixed-point compensation, numerical-controlled lathes reference point position correction, etc. ; Hard way will make the CNC lathes overhaul time, such as guide rail scratch, ball screw nut pair preload adjustment reverse clearance, etc.
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