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Numerical control lathe function 'test' what do you think?

by:SNK     2020-08-23
Numerical control lathe function 'test' what do you think? Release date: 2019 03 - 08 clicks: 2094 times of CNC lathe & other; Function test & throughout; What do you think? Numerical control lathe numerical control lathe machining program can be completed, electrical equipment, numerical control lathe, numerical control system commissioning mechanical geometry precision testing and maintenance, lathe, nc lathe programming, assembly, commissioning, maintenance, repair, alteration, etc. CNC lathe machine tool based on the experiment specification related rules, the experiment project includes reliability, static stiffness, empty homework oscillation, thermal deformation and vibration resistance, noise, vibration cutting, positioning accuracy, spindle inversion accuracy, linear motion non-uniformity and machining precision, etc. When the machine inspection, the inspection items according to the numerical control punch rules in the factory. 1. The machining accuracy of machine tool to check the machining accuracy of machine tool to see how much accuracy of nc machine tools in cutting processing conditions and positioning precision of the inspection. Usually divided into single machining precision view or an inductive specimen view two precision. In the middle of the first single machining accuracy are: boring accuracy and precision of the end face milling cutter cutting plane, precision boring hole spacing and aperture dispersion, linear precision milling, slash the milling precision and arc milling precision etc. Primary reflection of machine tool spindle precision boring movement precision and low-speed stability of feed. The precision of end milling cutter plane mainly reflect flatness of X and Y axis movement and spindle center line of X-ray Y motion plane straight degree. Pitch accuracy first reflect the effects of position precision and lost momentum. Straight line milling precision first reflect the machine tool to guide the movement of the X and Y how much accuracy. Slash milling first reflect two axis X, Y precision linear interpolation precision. 2. Localization precision of the machine, check the positioning accuracy of CNC lathe is marked all the moving parts in nc machine tool can reach the movement precision of the equipment. More positioning accuracy of the measured values, therefore, to be able to identify the machine in the future in the active processing can reach zui better machining accuracy. Positioning precision of the first to test the following content: 1) Linear motion positioning accuracy; 2) Repositioning precision linear motion; 3) Precision linear motion of the origin back; 4) Linear movement lost momentum; 5) The rotation movement of the positioning accuracy; 6) Reverse rotation movement repeat positioning accuracy; 7) The axis of the origin back accuracy; 8) Reverse rotation movement lost momentum. 3. Other functions of CNC lathe CNC lathe function experiments, in addition to the above position precision machining accuracy, usually there are a dozen items, have come under briefly: 1) Gas, liquid equipment to check the compressed air and hydraulic oil seal, pressure regulating function, tank of the condition of normal operation. 2) The spindle system function experimental spindle flexibility in manual way. With data input method, make the main shaft from low speed to high speed rotating, complete speed at all levels. Investigation the oscillation and the spindle of machine tools. The reliability of the experimental spindle must stop device. 3) Have no load operation with advance program function contrast the complete machine to work 8 - in succession 16 h, check the stability and reliability of the machine tool movement, movement, are not allowed to go wrong in the run, summarized view of the whole machine tool inspection. Can not meet the requirements, it shall check to go back to work, do not allow the cumulative work time. 4) Safety equipment to check for the security of the operator and the reliability of the machine tool maintenance functions, such as security guard, active suspension each motion coordinate travel limit maintenance function, all kinds of current voltage overload maintenance and spindle motor overheating, overload when pressing aborted function. 5) Belongs to check each part of machine tool equipment operation reliability. 6) The total noise when the machine noise of machine tool operation shall exceed standard rules. A lot for the CNC lathe electric control of motor speed, the spindle box of gear is not noise, and the spindle motor cooling fan and the noise of the hydraulic system of hydraulic pump and so on, can become noise. 7) Smooth equipment check punctuality quantitative smooth equipment reliability, check the smooth oil with and without leakage, and the reliability of the oil distribution functions of all smooth points. 8) Electrical equipment before and after in the job as a separation insulation view, see the ground quality, admitted that the reliability of the insulation.
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