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Numerical control lathe feed servo motors and electrical part of the maintenance

by:SNK     2020-08-26
Numerical control lathe feed servo motors and electrical part of the maintenance release time: 2016 - 05 - 25 clicks: a 2153 times, numerical control lathe feed servo motor for CNC lathe of maintenance and administration of the servo motor, should be in 10 ~ 12 months for a maintenance, frequent change acceleration or deceleration machine to a maintenance in 2 months. Maintenance of the main contents are: with dry compressed air blow the dust brush, check the wear condition of brush, such as the need to change, need specification of the same brush, change to no-load running after a certain period of time to make it in accordance with the commutator surface; Check the cleaning the armature commutator to prevent short circuit; If equipped with speed motor and pulse encoder, also must carry on the inspection and cleaning. Numerical control lathe in the dc servo motor should be checked at least once a year, generally should be in the numerical control system under the condition of power, and the motor has completely under the condition of cooling for inspection; Brush to remove rubber cap, brush with screw whorls knife unscrewed the cap to take out the brush; Measure the length of the brush, such as FANUC brush dc servo motor by 10 mm wear to less than 5 mm, must replace the same type of brush; Carefully check the curved surface of the brush for a deep ditch and crack, and whether the presence of trace assemblage brush spring. If you have the above phenomenon, should consider the working conditions of the motor is too bad if there is a problem or the motor itself. By excluding metal powder and water of compressed air import brush brush hole, blowing off the glue on the brush hole wall brush powder. If it is difficult to blow net, available screw whorls tip gently clean, until all clean of hole wall, but be careful not to touch the commutator surface. New clothes on the brush, brush tighten the cover. If change the new brush, should make the motor run run empty one period of time, so that the surface of the brush and commutator surface. Second, the numerical control lathe measuring feedback component maintenance detection components with encoders, grating feet more, also have use induction with the feet, magnetic tape, rotating transformer, etc. Maintenance electrician should check whether detecting element connection loose once a week, will be the oil or dust pollution. Three, CNC lathe parts of the electrical maintenance (1) check the three-phase power supply voltage is normal, unbiased phase, if the input voltage is beyond the scope allowed to adjust; (2) check all electrical connections are in good condition; 3. Check the validity of all kinds of switches, but with the aid of the numerical control system since the diagnosis of the CRT display screen and programmable controller (machine tool PMC) , input and output module on the LED light is confirmed, if bad should be replaced; (4) to check if the relay, contactor operates normally, contacts are in good condition, can use CNC programming language editing a functional test procedure, by running the program to confirm all the components are in good condition and effective; (5) inspection thermal relay, arc suppression device protection device is valid, and so on. Can on electrical maintenance electrician, should by workshop check adjust once a year. Electric control cabinet and the operation panel display should be sealed, the door is can't use open cupboard door to use external cooling fan cooling way. The operator should clean the electrical cabinets dust filter, once a month to check once a day run electric cabinet cooling fan or air conditioning is normal.
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