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Numerical control lathe electric tool post tool change without action of fault diagnosis and maintenance

by:SNK     2020-08-24
Numerical control lathe electric tool post tool change without movement, fault diagnosis and maintenance release time, 2017 - 03 - 01 clicks: 3445 times cause electric tool post for CNC lathe knife without action causes of the fault diagnosis and maintenance methods: (1) CNC lathe tool post machinery jammed head stuck cause tool carriage motor block to appear overload alarm, and. Eliminate mechanical stuck faults on the head and motor can be release, using a wrench set worm, if not normal rotation, the machinery is jammed. At this point can be dismantled in the correct order to open further inspection of the axis, all kinds of tool post pin, coupling with and without deformation. Because the tool rest often caused by collision deformation mechanical jammed. (2) CNC lathe tool carriage motor power lack of phase or phase sequence wrong tool carriage motor power phase sequence generally appear in the wrong machine overhaul or replace new tool rest, at this time to cut off the power, adjust the motor phase sequence. Motor does not turn and there is no sound: more than two phase or two phase power or winding circuit, first check the power supply voltage, if the balance of three-phase voltage, then the fault in the motor itself, can detect the resistance of the three-phase winding of the motor, to find out the wire winding. The hum of the motor not turn but issued a stuffy: power supply circuit, a phase or winding lacks may be the cause of the motor power supply circuits of switch and contactor contactor poor contact ( Burns or loose) , repair and adjust the dynamic and static contact, make good contact; Line a phase lack of phase, found to break, and connect firmly; Motor winding connection between virtual welding, resulting in poor contact, carefully check the motor windings connecting line and weld; Electric power lack of phase, the external access power breakdown. (3) CNC lathe tool carriage motor access change the knife in the MDI mode and no power supply is on test motor power supply voltage input, the observed electrical cabinet KA4 intermediate relay and contactor KM1 have any action, if there is no electricity, KA4 coil is check the PLC output signal Y0. 3 if they break; If KA4 coil electricity, observe whether KM1, absorption KM1 and could be normally open contacts of damage or loss to the motor of three-phase electric wire break line, KM1 if no action, it may be bad, KA4 relay KA4 touch point contact undesirable, contact power supply wire. (4) CNC lathe tool carriage motor damage if plugged into a power supply is normal under no-load motor does not turn, explain its damage. Motor damage generally due to lack of phase, overload operation, winding grounding, and winding interturn short circuit fault. Ground fault detection: with shaking table test motor winding insulation resistance to the ground, when the insulation resistance is less than 0. The 2 ohms, the motor seriously be affected with damp be affected with damp. Check step by step with multimeter resistance or check lights, if small or check lights indicating the darker the winding resistance seriously be affected with damp be affected with damp, need drying processing, if the resistance is zero or check light close to normal brightness, then the nearly grounding. Winding grounding outlet hole generally occurs in motor, power supply cord into the thread holes or winding outstretched notches for the latter situation, if discover the grounding is not serious, bamboo or insulating paper can be inserted between the stator core and winding, such as the check is not grounded, to bind up and continue to use after coated insulating varnish. Winding short circuit fault detection: use or multimeter and check for any two insulation resistance by megger are, such as found in 0. 2 megohm once or zero is interphase short circuit ( Check the motor should be all the lead wires apart) ; Three-phase winding current is measured respectively, the current big as short circuit phase; With short circuit detector check short circuit between windings; Small by bridge measuring three-phase winding resistance, resistance to phase short circuit.
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