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Numerical control lathe electric tool post fault analyses

by:SNK     2020-09-02
Numerical control lathe electric tool post fault in-depth release time: 2020 - 02 - 26 clicks: 206 times daily breakdown of nc lathe, common is head, shaft, screw machining, system display, drive, communication malfunction, the tool post occupied large proportion of the fault. Numerical control lathe electric tool post as the importance of numerical control lathe, plays an important role in machine tool operation, once appear, fault is likely to cause artifacts scrap, and even cause chuck and tool post collision accident. In machine maintenance, the electrical control part of the circuit is complex, fault phenomenon and changeful, some failure phenomenon is not obvious, the search is difficult, and mechanical parts and common machine tool is similar, the fault is relatively easy to eliminate. Station electric tool post usually have four or six station, by the motor, machine tool change mechanism, transmitting plate, etc, when the system signal change knife, tool carriage motor forward, blade on the retarding mechanism and lifting mechanism will be increased to a certain position, clutch disc, drive the knife blade rotation to choice, transmitting plate signal tool in place, tool carriage motor reversal, blade to decline after initial positioning, teeth mesh plate, complete accurate positioning, and through the lifting mechanism locking tool rest. The tool post failure occurs the following phenomena: 1. Rest don't change for this failure is first determines tool post internal mechanical problems or tool carriage motor fault. Tool change, touch motor, for vibration and measuring electric voltage to judge whether failure for the motor. Such as motor is normal, it is mechanical problems, are generally died for internal mechanical tool post card. A knife removed clean remounted. But sometimes may be internal mechanical damage. 2. Tool slide lock is not tight this fault is probably the locks the rest time of the machine tool parameter setting is too short, it is possible that the tool post internal lock nut is too loose and transmitting plate of hall element and magnetic steel out of position. 3. Can't find the tool performance for rest continuously. This kind of problem may exist in the tool post mail disk problems; CNC tool of signal receiving circuit; Communication line failure problems. 4. Can't find a number to show the number can't find a knife, and the other knife can normal change, this problem is probably the rest hall element transmitting plate offset or a hall element damage, the knife, or the signal circuit of the knife. The first two fault is usually easy to judgment and mechanical causes maintenance, then two kinds of failures are electrical reasons.
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