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Numerical control lathe distance z axis and tilting current fault case analysis

by:SNK     2020-08-25
CNC lathe distance z axis and tilting current fault case analysis released time: 2018 - 01 - 22 clicks: a servo system, numerical control lathe - 4361 times Z axis overtravel failure analysis 1, failure phenomenon of a numerical control lathe in automatic machining mode workbench suddenly stopped working. The scene to see the CRT display 52 l alarm, for - The Z axis direction limit distance alarm. ( Distance alarm, hardware overtravel limit switch namely crushed gesture, send CNC system distance alarm signal, make the nc lathe stops running, to ensure the safety of human; Used to prevent the worktable cutting tools beyond the effective working area, avoid machine tool fixture was cutting tool) crashed 。 According to the - The z axis overtravel fault alarm, in manual worldwide mode, using the handwheel ( Pulse generator) Cooperate with feed ratio, move the workbench to alarm in the opposite direction, namely the Z axis direction, remember not a mistake. ( Note: in case of manual not to alarm the moves in the opposite direction, may be power off, press the CRT/MDI P key on the operation panel and key CAN apply power at the same time, then pay special attention to in the press RESET RESET and DELETE the DELETE key is connected to the power, wait until the workbench overtravel exit machine tool box, after return machine tool reference point, CAN operate according to the RESET RESET button and DELETE the DELETE key. ) Deal with the failure in the distance, only after CNC lathe workbench exit machine tool box, replacement of the damaged x18 limit switch, press RESET RESET button to cancel the alarm, the workbench to return to the numerical control machine tool reference points, to commissioning normal, thus fault was removed. 3, fault summary this case belong to hardware fault distance, so software fault distance. Only need to modify the corresponding parameters. Second, the numerical control lathe AC servo motor side over-current failure analysis 1, failure phenomenon, a machining center machine tool early production a boot immediately report to the police. In mitsubishi system CRT/MDI read alarm diagnostic information on the operation panel, the CRT display to ( PR32,X) 。 Alarm information for the AC servo motor side of the X axis overcurrent problems, protection system into the state. For quick X axis servo unit is the difference between IPM crystal problem X axis AC servo motor has a fault, or load with a known intact Y axis AC servo motor and AC X axis servo motor cable plug after swap, then failure to the Y axis servo unit IPM crystal ( The power amplifier module components on printed circuit boards) AC servo motor and load, etc have over current fault; The ac x axis servo motor and cable plug is confirmed. The substitution method for AC servo motor part, show that the AC servo motor is good. Check the AC servo motor cable plug socket, found that the socket inside the connections between the dirt and oxidation resistance of carbon after discharge, thus confirm that is the point of failure. With a small blade scrape in the dirt and carbon deposition after discharge, then use industrial alcohol scrub, drying treatment. To test alarm, fault rule out smoothly. 3, troubleshooting of fault summary AC servo unit is also key, this kind of failure frequency is higher, are universal, this case the cause of the problem is due to machining center machine tool conditions, influenced by near cleaner wet gas, recidivism similar failure, improve the environment, all kinds of fault frequency decrease.
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