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Numerical control lathe 'data acquisition system is not easy!

by:SNK     2020-08-28
Numerical control lathe 'data acquisition system is not easy! Release date: 2018 10 - 30 clicks: 3364 times of CNC lathe & other; Data collection & throughout; System is not easy! Numerical control lathe data acquisition system is the core part of the lathe detection device, mainly includes analog acquisition, the digital quantity acquisition, as well as digital quantity control signal input and output, etc. Analog acquisition using 16-bit A/D conversion of data acquisition card, used for laser sensors, eddy current sensor output signal acquisition. Simulation of laser sensor, vortex sensor output signal after their respective amplifier amplification direct input of A/D data acquisition card analog input ports, the data acquisition card after A/D conversion from the PCI bus industrial computer input. The digital quantity acquisition adopts digital I/O data collection card, used for the encoder output signal acquisition, but also is used to control the signal output. In order to reduce the work burden of industrial computer, each encoder output by a microcomputer data processing threatening the preprocessing of the output signal output CNC lathe real-time absolute position, again by industrial computer through the I/O data collection card read in from the PCI bus. CNC lathes computer processing system includes measuring control, data processing, data transmission, etc. Control is mainly industrial PC receives the measurement operation control panel to control information, and output the corresponding control information to measure operation control panel. Data processing is mainly the sensor output analog signal after high precision A/D conversion, the input to the computer for data storage, digital filter and data fusion processing further, will eventually data processing results show that in the control measurement software interface to the corresponding position, for operators to view. And will measure the results of the data storage and printing. Data transmission is mainly the result of a industrial computer will measure data transmitted to PLC control system of nc lathe, CNC lathe for vehicle wheel for the guidance of spin. CNC lathe of measuring software of data acquisition have to focus on industrial design: industrial measurement software to achieve the multiple functions: 1. Provide a user interface and accept user input instructions; 2. Provide data storage, display, query, print and other functions; 3. According to the data real-time scanning drawing the outline of vehicle wheel for graphics, and compared with standard wheel contour graphics for; 4. With the PCI data acquisition card driver communication, digital I/O card, realize real-time data read; 5. Numerical control lathe communication, PLC system realize automatic measurement and vehicle wheel for automatic maintenance. Choose VC as a development platform for visualization of graphic design. Considering the wheel on the extreme difference of surface condition and site environment disturbance, in the measurement of software based on the different status of wheel for the real-time compensation, and the data fusion processing all kinds of interference, eliminate the influence on measurement data. Data acquisition system of nc lathe was on the wrong operation, the case such as power automatic diagnosis and protection.
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