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Numerical control lathe cutting the three elements of how to choose?

by:SNK     2020-08-31
Numerical control lathe cutting the three elements of how to choose? Release date: 2017 10 - 10 clicks: 4847 spindle speed, feed quantity S F, the depth of the feed, in CNC lathe cutting principle course called the three elements of cutting, CNC lathe factory here is how to choose the three elements: a, cutting speed, Linear velocity, garden weeks speed) V( M/min) Choose the spindle revolutions per minute, must first know how cutting velocity V should take. The choice of V: depends on the cutting tool material, workpiece material, processing conditions, etc. Cutting tool material: carbide, V can achieve higher, generally desirable above 100 m/min, when purchasing blades are usually provided technical parameters: processing what materials can choose how many large linear velocity. High speed steel: V can only get low, generally not more than 70 m/min, in most cases take below 20 ~ 30 m/min. The workpiece material: high hardness, low V take; Cast iron, V is low, cutting tool material for carbide desirable 70 ~ 80 m/min. Low carbon steel, V above 100 m/min, non-ferrous metals, V are more desirable ( 100 ~ 200 m/min) 。 Hardened steel, stainless steel, V should be lower. The lower processing conditions: rough machining, V, Finishing, V. Poor rigidity of machine tool, workpiece and tool systems, take low V. If the nc program using S is spindle revolutions per minute, so should be based on workpiece diameter, and calculate the cutting velocity V S: S ( The spindle revolutions per minute) =V( Cutting speed) * 1000 / ( 3. 1416 * workpiece diameter) If the nc program using constant, the cutting velocity V (S can be used directly M/min) Second, the feed quantity, Feed) F depends mainly on the workpiece machining surface roughness requirements. Finish machining, surface requirement is high, the feed or small: 0. 06 ~ 0. 12 mm/spindle each turn. Rough machining, desirable. Mainly depends on the strength of cutting tool, generally advisable to 0. More than 3, after the main Angle is larger intensity difference of tools, feed quantity not too big. Also should consider the power of the machine tool rigidity of workpiece and cutting tool. Nc programs using the feed quantity of the two units: mm/min, mm/spindle each turn, the unit is mm/spindle with above each turn, such as using the mm/min, available formula transformation: feed per minute = every turn feed amount * spindle revolutions per minute, turning depth ( Cutting depth) When finishing, generally advisable to 0. 5 ( Radius value) The following. Rough machining, according to the workpiece, cutting tool, machine tool situation decision, generally small lathe ( The largest processing under 400 mm diameter) Turning is fire condition of 45 # steel, the depth of the cutter radius direction is generally not more than 5 mm. Also, note that if the CNC lathe spindle speed is the average frequency control of motor speed, then when spindle RPM is very low ( Less than 100 ~ 200 r/min) , the motor power output will be significantly reduced, and the turning depth and feed quantity, only very small.
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