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Numerical control lathe custom manufacturers talk about nc machine tool rigidity this concept

by:SNK     2020-08-25
Custom CNC lathe factory talk about nc machine tool rigidity this concept release date: 2019 - 02 - Author: 25 small make up click: nc machine tool's rigidity is refers to the vibration of machine tool in processing products, small vibration, high rigidity rigid small vibration. Lathe bed of machine tool, transmission system can directly affect the whole rigidity of machine tools. Different rigidity of machine tool in processing products impact on the selection of cutting tool and the loss is very big, also directly affects the production efficiency and production cost. Machine tool rigidity is embodied in two aspects: the static stiffness and dynamic rigidity. Static rigidity has revealed that in the process of machine tool in cutting of the deformation of machine tool's own intrusive. For detailed embodiment, for example, cutting force 1000 n X direction, Y direction 500 n, 200 n Z direction. XYZ direction screw system stiffness K = 100100. Is cutting the triaxial their deformation: the delta x = 1000/100 = 10 mu m = 0. 1毫米,δy = 0。 005毫米,δz = 0。 0025mm。 Such as described in the K value is the measure of rigidity of a machine tool. General machine screw system of K value is between 50 ~ 200. Besides, there are guide rail, the deformation of the lathe bed deformation, and so on. Static rigidity is composed of a variety of elements, but is the main link is static rigidity (three axis screw system Lathe is 2 axis) 。 Dynamic rigidity is the more important goal of measure of a machine tool rigidity. Plain speaking, machine tool dynamic rigidity is refers to the machine tool can resist forced oscillation of intrusive, known as the natural frequency of the unequivocal terms. Cutting tool in cutting time is high speed rotating, rotary cutting and uneven internal impurities may cause oscillation. Cutting part is source of oscillation of the device. Equipment of screw system, rail system, lathe bed is affected by vibration source generates forced oscillation. If the machine parts of oscillation is larger, can produce very unlucky to processing, the influence of main influence the roughness of the cutting and cutting tool life, has a deadly effect on precision machining is. Dynamic stiffness is affected by many aspects, which are the main is the dynamic rigidity of leadscrew rail system and anti oscillation frequencies of the lathe bed casting, spindle rigidity is, of course, the root is the important link. What is a reasonable stiffness of machine tool? Numerical control lathe custom manufacturer, in theory, in the guarantee give full play to the machine tools under the condition of power and performance of small stiffness, is economic and reasonable machine tool rigidity. Cannot be divorced from reality, unlimited access to improve the stiffness of machine tool. Thus only through repeated stiffness test, to make it close to the economic and reasonable stiffness index. Machine tool system stiffness, for face milling combination milling machine, including: tool rigidity, the main movement system stability, machine tool and fixture and rigidity structure of processed parts. When turning milling, due to insufficient rigidity causing error of machining system. Generally speaking, the main processing system stiffness associated with the factors of three aspects, namely, machine tools and cutting tool, workpiece which the speed of machine tool and the size of the cutting force has a direct influence on the machining accuracy, and the cutting tool and workpiece rigid if you are not up to standard, nature also can produce error. Changes during processing, for example, if the cutting tool Angle, cutting dosage, jigs insufficient rigidity, under the comprehensive function, will inevitably produce errors, especially for processing or easy to deformation of the workpiece is big margin artifacts, error probability will increase.
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