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Numerical control lathe custom manufacturer about servo system of nc lathe

by:SNK     2020-08-30
Numerical control lathe custom manufacturer about servo system of numerically controlled lathe release date: 2019 - 03 - 14 author: small make up click: CNC lathe main part of computer numerical control device ( The CNC device) Is the core of the CNC system, by microprocessor ( CPU) , memory and the I/O interface and peripheral logic circuit, etc. The rotation system: the role of the rotation system is to drive motion and power to execute, implement active cutting movement. Feed rotation system: a workbench, tool post, etc. Feed servo drive is the role of the rotation system of movement and the power to execute, realize the feed movement. Basic support: including lathe bed, column, guide rail, workbench, etc. Foundation support role is the major component of bearing lathe, and keep them in a static or movement relative to the right place. Auxiliary equipment, including automatic tool change device, hydraulic pneumatic system, lubrication cooling device, etc. A major factor in the production of CNC lathe machining error is due to using the approximation processing ways or similar tool contour error arising from the error exists in the processing principle, therefore calls the processing principle error. As long as the principle error within the scope of the permit, the processing method is feasible. Manufacturing error, installation error and using the wear and tear, are directly affect the machining precision of workpiece. Mainly lathe spindle rotary motion, numerical control lathe guide linear motion error of the transmission chain and lathe. Servo system is the numerical control lathe is an important part of the custom manufacturer of CNC lathe, used to implement the numerical control lathe spindle feed servo control and servo control. Servo system is used to accept instructions from the nc device information, after power amplification, plastic processing, convert lathe operating components of linear displacement or angular displacement movement. Due to the reciprocal link of servo system is the numerical control lathe, its performance will directly affect the precision and speed of the CNC lathe and other technical indicators, therefore, servo drive unit of nc lathe, requires performance of rapid response, accurate and sensitive tracking digital command signal from the numerical control device, and can be faithfully execute instructions from the nc devices, improve the system's dynamic following the characteristic and the static tracking precision. Servo system including drive device and the executive body of two parts. Drive the spindle drive unit and feed drive unit and the spindle servo motor, feed servo motor. Stepper motor, dc servo motors and ac servo motor is a common drive. Measuring element will be the actual displacement value of each coordinate axis CNC lathe detected and the feedback system is input into the CNC lathe, CNC gear to feedback the actual displacement value comparing with instruction value, and reach the set value to servo system output displacement instructions as needed.
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