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Numerical control lathe common electrical fault classification

by:SNK     2020-08-26
CNC lathe common electrical fault classification release date: 2016 - 01 - 08 clicks: 2260 CNC lathe electrical fault according to the nature of the fault classification, appearance, causes or consequences. 1, to the failure parts, divided into the failure of hardware and software hardware failure refers to the electronic, electric parts, printed circuit board, wire and cable, connectors and other abnormal state and even damaged, it is need to repair or replace to eliminate the fault. And software failure is usually refers to the PLC logic control program of the fault, need to input or modify some data and even modify the PLC program can eliminate faults. Parts processing program failure also belong to the software failure. The worst software failure is the numerical control system software defect missing, even it is only to contact the manufacturer or its service solution. 2, you have no order failure occurs, divided into diagnostic indicator fault and diagnosis fault current numerical control lathe numerical control system is designed with perfect self diagnostic procedures, when the real monitoring software and hardware of the whole system performance, once found will immediately report to the police or fault and brief text displayed on the screen, combining with the system equipped with diagnostic manual can not only find the failure reason, place, and there are excluded methods. Machine tool manufacturers will be related to fault indicator is designed for specific machine tool and diagnostic manual. Diagnose the faults of indicating the above two parts are combined with various electrical devices of all kinds of light is easier to make the most of the electrical fault rule out. Diagnose the faults of indicating no part of the above two kinds of diagnostic procedures (caused by incomplete Such as the switch is not closed, plug is loose, etc. ) 。 This kind of failure is to rely on the working process of the produce before failure and fault phenomenon and consequences, and to rely on maintenance personnel familiar with degree of machine tool and technology analysis and ruled out. 3, to have no destructive failure occurs, divided into destructive failure and non destructive failure for destructive failure, damage to the workpiece and machine tool failure, when maintenance is not allowed to repeat itself, then according to produce the phenomenon that when a failure to eliminate the corresponding inspection, analysis, higher technical difficulties and there are certain risks. If it might damage the artifacts, can unload the workpiece, and try to reproduce the fault process, but should be very careful. 4, to the failure probability, divided into systemic failure and random failure CNC lathe systemic failure refers to as long as meet certain conditions will produce certain fault; And random fault is refers to under the condition of the same fault occur occasionally, this kind of failure analysis is difficult, usually more loose partial dislocation, part of the machine tool and mechanical electrical workpiece feature drift or reduce reliability and electrical device internal temperature is too high. The analysis of such failures through repeated test, the comprehensive judgment could rule out. 5, as measured by machine tool movement quality characteristics, is a machine tool movement characteristics falling fault in this case, the machine can normal operation is not qualified workpieces. Such as machine tool positioning accuracy out-of-tolerance, reverse dead zone is too big, coordinates, running is not smooth, etc. Confirmed this kind of fault detecting instrument must be used to generate the error of the machine, electricity, and then based on the mechanical transmission system, nc system and servo system optimization adjustment to eliminate.
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