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Numerical control lathe clamping workpiece and tool methods and matters needing attention

by:SNK     2020-08-29
CNC lathe clamping workpiece and tool methods and matters needing attention of release time: 2015 - 09 - 16 clicks: 4635 a, numerical control lathe clamping workpiece, the workpiece in the machine tool three jaw chuck positioning and clamping. During the turning processing, workpiece must be with the spindle rotation. The correct clamping can ensure the workpiece in the correct position in the machine, ensure that the cutting force under the action of loose, fall off. According to the size of the workpiece diameter, using appropriate loose three jaw self centering chuck chuck wrench, then put the workpiece loading chuck, stretched out the proper length, then use chuck wrench clockwise along the workpiece clamping firmly. Second, numerical control lathe clamping workpiece should pay attention to item 1, the length of overhanging piece should be no greater than 4 - the ratio of length and diameter 5 times, should be used when more than top support. 2, with three jaw self centering chuck clamping workpiece, must have certain clamping length; Bar stretched out the length of the machining length should be considered and the necessary safety distance. 3, bar the centerline and the spindle center line overlap as far as possible, if the clamping has been finish turning cylindrical workpiece, must use the soft claw, or a layer of soft metal pads on the cylindrical workpiece, lest damage has been processed surface. 4, workpiece clamping should be strong, make its position in the process of processing the same. Clamping thin-walled, appropriate pressure, do not make excessive clamping deformation of workpiece, cutting dosage and persons to be small. 1, 3, numerical control lathe to cut tool positioned on the left side of the head, with the front two bolts pressure; 2, pad knife board, is used to adjust the height of the blade, the blade height and workpiece axis, spindle axis, top axis contour. Rough machining can be slightly higher than the center of 0. 2 mm, finish machining and surface processing must be high, otherwise the contour deformation; 3, cylindrical turning out the length of the rest of tool rod thickness of 1. 5 - 2 times; 4, shim blocks should be less as far as possible, and should be placed neatly; 5, and adjust the Angle of main Angle to need; 6, then starts on the spindle clamping workpiece, spindle, try using hand cut end face, if after cutting face left a convex platform, shows that cutting tool pressure is too high or too low, you need to loosen the lathe tool, adjust the height of gasket, try cutting, flat end face until the workpiece. At the height of the pressed more appropriate; 7, the clamping hole tool, the height of the blade should be aimed at the center of the workpiece. 8, the clamping groove cutting knife and cutting, the main cutting edge parallel to the spindle center line or end face, point to aim at or slightly above the workpiece center, and ensure the two Angle symmetry. Four, numerical control lathe clamping tool that should be paid attention to item 1, the tool cannot stick tool post is too long, too short; 2, point should be as high as the summits of the spindle center line; 3, thread cutter clamping, threaded model for the knife, ensure that the main and deputy Angle symmetry; 4, when outside circle, the centerline of cutting knife and cutting shall be the workpiece axis into 90 degrees, ensure that two pairs of the same Angle; Surfacing, the centerline of cutting knife and cutting shall be the workpiece end face a 90 - degree, ensure that two pairs of the same Angle.
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