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Numerical control lathe by vibration type of popular science

by:SNK     2020-09-01
Numerical control lathe by vibration type of popular science publishing time: 2019 - 10 - 14 clicks: 323 CNC lathe by vibration type of popular science in CNC lathe has many obvious abnormal phenomenon, but in some economic nc system, did not call the police, even if sometimes appear alarm, alarm information that is not what you see is not normal phenomenon of the police. Crawling and vibration is an obvious example. Numerical control lathe at a lower speed, the machine table is crawling forward movement; Machine to run at high speed, the vibration occurs. The vibration of the numerical control lathe classification in general there are basically two broad categories: 1. Forced vibration; 2. Self-excited vibration. On the numerical control lathe, milling and grinding, often see the forced vibration of rotary spindle system, the frequency depends on the speed of the rotary spindle system ( When milling is related to the number of teeth on the cutter) 。 Type of self-excited vibration in the machine tool, such as a rotary spindle ( Or with artifacts, or contact the tool) Reverse or bend the self-excited vibration system; Machine tool lathe bed, column, beam support member to bend or twist of self-excited vibration; And the workbench moving parts in the relaxation of friction during low speed running self-excited vibration ( Known as the crawling) And so on. Usually the performance for the cutting tool and the workpiece during the process of metal cutting strong relative vibration between the self-excited vibration called & other; Flutter & throughout; 。 The impact of numerical control lathe vibration on parts: CNC lathe work happens when vibration is common, machine tool vibration not only distorted the geometric shape and size of workpiece, but also will be finished leave marks on the surface, reduces the precision and surface finish, aggravated the chill in the metal surface, vibration cutting tool durability will also fell sharply, led to the collapse of the blade, the problem for the properties of brittle carbide cutting tools and ceramic cutting tool is particularly serious. The vibration of machine tool, often forced the workers to operate, reduce the cutting dosage, thus limits the productivity of machine tools. In addition, in the machine tools automatic line, as long as there is a machine tool vibration and forced to suspend operation, will destroy the production rhythm, cause chaos in the production process. Visible machine tool vibration is an important problem must be noticed. Along with the rapid development of science and technology, the machine parts manufacturing precision and surface quality put forward higher request, to make machine tool vibration research development, production and use of machine tools and other departments have to face the important issue, the purpose of the study of machine tool vibration is to explore the cause of the machine tool vibration, to prevent and eliminate machine tool vibration method, in order to develop better vibration resistance of machine tools.
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