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Numerical control lathe back to zero, stop, remove overtravel operation briefly

by:SNK     2020-09-04
Numerical control lathe back to zero, stop, remove release time distance operation summary: 2016 - 05 - 20 clicks: a 5459 times, and under what circumstances the numerical control lathe needs to return to zero (1) machine tools after startup; (2) after machine power; 3. Press the stop button after; (4) machine tools after the lock; (5) after the graphical simulation. Second, how to stop the rotation (CNC lathe spindle 1) MDI in the state of the spindle rotation, press the manual button, indicator, then press the spindle stop button, or press the RESET button, spindle stop running. ( 2) Workpiece processing after the completion of the spindle stop running, can input M05, at the end of the program (or M02, processing is completed, the workpiece spindle automatic stop, if not input M05, (or M02, DaiGong pieces processing is completed, can be manually by pressing the spindle stop button or press the RESET button to make the spindle rotation. Third, how to use & other; Stop & throughout; Button operation process of nc lathe, in danger or in an emergency, press & other; Stop & throughout; Abrupt stop button, the CNC and the servo feed and spindle operation immediately stop work, Control incase of feed drive power supply is cut off) ; Loosen the & other; Stop & throughout; Button ( Left-handed this button, automatic jump) Into a state, CNC reset. , prior to the termination of the scram should confirm whether the cause of the problem has already ruled out, and remove scram should perform back reference points after operation, in order to ensure the correctness of the coordinates. Before start-up and shutdown should press & other; Stop & throughout; Button to reduce the current shock equipment. 4 how to cancel the distance, numerical control lathe in servo axis stroke, there is a limit switch is at each end of the role is to prevent collisions among the servo damage. When servo encounter travel limit switch, will appear over travel. When a shaft distance, “ Super cheng lift & throughout; Key indicator) , the system depending on the situation of emergency stop. If you want to exit the overtravel state, can be the following: ( 1) Buy works for & other; Throughout the manual &; Or & other Hand & throughout; Way; ( 2) Has been pressing & other; Super cheng lift & throughout; Button ( Controller will temporarily ignoring overtravel emergency) ; ( 3) In manual ( Hand) Manner, so that the axial direction to the contrary, exit distance state; ( 4) Loosen the & other; Super cheng lift & throughout; Buttons. If the screen running status bar & other; Running & throughout; Replaced & other; Error & throughout; , said back to normal, can continue to operate. Note: when operating the machine out of distance, please be sure to pay attention to the direction and speed, avoid a collision.
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