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Numerical control lathe according to the nature of fault classification and reason

by:SNK     2020-08-22
Numerical control lathe according to the nature of the failure and the reason such as classification release time: 2015 - 09 - 08 clicks: 2765 times of the failure of CNC lathe and the reason is very complicated, for the convenience of analysis and processing, CNC lathe factory according to the nature of the fault and the cause of the problem of common fault classification: a fault numerical control lathe, mechanical failure and electric common mechanical faults mainly include: mechanical transmission fault and guide rail movement friction is too large. Failure is shown as: transmission noise is big, the machining accuracy is poor, running resistance. For example: the axial transmission chain of loose coupling, gear, ball screw and poor bearing oil, rail iron improper adjustment, guide rail, and poor lubrication system parameter Settings such as the reason above all can cause failure. Especially the injection machine tool parts marked point, need to timing quantitative filling of lubricating oil is this machine the assurance of normal operation of the transmission chain. In addition, hydraulic, lubrication and pneumatic pipe line is the main fault block and sealed. Electrical fault is divided into low voltage and heavy current fault. Weak current of a CNC device, PMC controller, CRT monitors and servo unit, input/output devices such as electronic circuits. High voltage part refers to the relay, contactor, switch, fuse, power transformer, motor, electromagnet, travel switch of electric component and its circuit. This part of the fault is very common, must cause enough attention. Second, the nc lathe system failure and random failure ( 1) Systemic failure refers to as long as meet certain conditions or exceeds the limits of a set of nc machine tools is bound to happen in the work of failure. Example: (1) the hydraulic system pressure value with the blocking of hydraulic circuits to a certain parameters, hydraulic system fault alarm will happen machine downtime. (2) due to the large amount of cutting machine tool processing, reaches a certain limit overload or overtemperature alarm happens. So the correct use and careful maintenance is to avoid such failure to protect. ( 2) Random fault index control machine tool has the same working conditions fault accident happen only once or twice. Such failures occur often and installation quality, component, parameter setting, components quality, error, improper maintenance and work environment influence and so on many factors. Example: 1) connectors and connecting components for negligence unlocked, loose components deformation or solder joints on printed circuit boards collapse, relay contact, all kinds of switch contacts caused by pollution and poor rust, dc motor brush contact unreliable. (2) working environment temperature, humidity, power supply fluctuation and mechanical vibration, dust and harmful gas pollution reasons can cause such failures. So to strengthen the nc system maintenance checks to ensure that the door is electric seal, beware of industrial dust and harmful gas, can avoid the occurrence of such failures. Three, alarm, display failure and no alarm display failure according to diagnosis way points, numerical control lathe fault diagnosis shows failure and no diagnosis display failure two kinds. Modern CNC system mostly has rich self-diagnosis functions, there are hundreds of alarm, the programmable controllers also have ten or even hundreds of alarm parameters, to show the alarm automatically when fault occurs. Maintenance personnel use the alarm, is easy to find fault. And in the absence of diagnostic display, machine tool at a certain position, cycle are not down, because there is no alarm display, maintenance personnel can only be judged according to the fault phenomenon of before and after, so the troubleshooting is difficult. Four fault numerical control lathe, numerical control machine tool quality can run normally, but show the phenomenon and not before, such as bigger noise, strong vibration and ultra precision positioning, reverse unqualified dead zone is too big, the circular arc processing, machine tool start-stop oscillation, etc. When machining parts often is unqualified, this kind of failure without any warning signs, only through testing instrument to detect and discovery. Five, hardware failure, software failure and interference failure hardware failure index control device of integrated circuit chips, discrete components on printed circuit boards, connectors, and external connected component failure. Only the replacement of damaged devices may troubleshoot, such failure also called & other; Die failure & throughout; 。 More common is the input/output interface damage, damage to the amplifier components, etc. Software fault processing program error, system and index control system parameter setting is not correct or missing, computer operation error, etc. Through careful check and modify parameters can solve this kind of failure. Parameter changes, however, be careful, must make clear the meaning of the parameters and other parameters can modify associated with them, or attend, also can produce new fault, machine tool operation happened even out of control. Interference failure due to internal and external disturbance caused by failure. Example: due to the unreasonable system and line distribution, power supply ground wire misallocation, grounding, poor working conditions such as fault.
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