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Nc lathe system 'fool' to 'smart' change

by:SNK     2020-08-25
Nc lathe system 'fool' to 'intelligent type' the change of release date: 2020 - 04 - 07 clicks: 298 numerical control lathe numerical control system of the digital control system (for short NCS) , according to the control of computer memory storage procedures, to perform some or all of the numerical control function, and is equipped with interface circuit and servo drive unit dedicated computer system. Through the use of Numbers, words and symbols of the instructions to achieve one or more machinery equipment action control, it is usually controlled by position, Angle and speed, etc. As well as mechanical switch. So-called intelligent CNC system, is the index of control system with more enough more satisfy people for production and processing, operating management and after-sales service more facilitation. Recently popular about unmanned factory lathe, machine tool equipment, such as cloud are exploring for intelligence. Cloud platform based on Internet of things, can monitor the production running state of machine and the remote debug configuration parameters for machine tools, to test the malfunction of the machine tool, a small problem can remote maintenance, greatly increased after timely rate and reduce the loss of machine tool production. Relative to the intelligent system is not to say that making a fool of the machine tool becomes more and more stupid, not smart, but through the optimal design of CNC system, is for machine tool production control is more simple, & other; A fool & throughout; Can easily write good program, you just need to press the start button and the end of the button, the complex procedures simple, do not need special training to learn to operate. Traditional may due to the complexity of operation, need prior to training of workers, need to spend a lot of time and energy, delay the starting time of the production and office workers in the enterprise also need to conduct another training for new employees into, after making a fool of, you don't need to bother so easily to study training, simple operation, greatly liberated the human. Once a manufacturer said: factory was first introduced the numerical control machine tool but stumped a lot of old technology workers, although these old mechanic has been working for more than 20 years, the technology of common sense and experience is quite rich, but don't know anything for computer technology, directly receive ring, some will find it hard to familiar with computer operation. Fool software even if you don't understand the computer operation, is also very easy to get started. Numerical control lathe workpiece clamping, numerical control system can control the automatic selection and replacement of cutting tools, machine tool according to different process automatic knife, automatically change the spindle speed, feed, etc. , can complete a variety of process continuously. And thus greatly reduce the workpiece clamping time, secondary process and machine adjustment time, for processing complicated shape, precision demand is higher, varieties replacement parts frequently has the good economic effect. The development of intelligent CNC lathe is a gradual process, the current understanding of intelligence and different, also does not have the universal solution. Nc machine tool business model innovation and real landing operations will depend on the numerical control system of intelligent and networked. Numerical control system in the future will be more and more to penetrate the impact of the Internet into manufacturing, through the accumulation of data, transmission and mining, the birth will be more and more intelligent manufacturing capability, transparent and sharing will bring tremendous change for manufacturing.
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