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Method of fault diagnosis of small CNC lathe

by:SNK     2020-08-24
Method of fault diagnosis of small CNC lathe release date: 2019 - 10 - 28 author: click: small CNC lathe, fault diagnosis methods, a malfunction diagnoses, host, small CNC lathe for common host fault, diagnosis method, such as using advanced testing means 'modern diagnostic techniques' and the traditional 'practical diagnostics' and so on. 1, modern diagnostic technology, this diagnosis is the use of diagnostic instruments and data processing of some characteristic parameters of the machine tool mechanical device, such as vibration, noise and temperature measurement, the measured value compared with the normal regulations, in order to judge whether the working state of the mechanical device is normal, which forecasts and projections for the operation of the machinery, and further to the cause of the breakdown of machinery, parts and failure extent of qualitative and quantitative analysis. Use of modern diagnostic technology in the early of the failure of mechanical device, discover the fault parts, and maintenance, to avoid further damage of mechanical parts. Modern diagnostic technology has now got the promotion and application. 2, practical diagnostic technique: this diagnosis is through their own sense organs by maintenance personnel and experience of small fault diagnosis of nc lathe. Using practical diagnostic technique of diagnosis process owing to the different fault types, a variety of methods, successively with or at the same time, should be comprehensive analysis, in order to achieve better effect. Practical diagnostic technique does not require complicated, expensive instruments, can diagnose anytime and anywhere, and quick, convenient, high accuracy, especially suitable for a preliminary diagnosis of nc machine tools. Second, the electrical system fault diagnosis: for a small CNC lathe electrical system fault, the process of investigation, analysis and diagnosis of fault, also is the failure of the elimination process, so the fault diagnosis method is particularly important. The diagnosis of some commonly used methods are: 1, intuitive method. Mainly adopts visual, touch, electricity, etc. Maintenance personnel in the fault diagnosis method is first intuitive method. First consultation, to the failure of field personnel detailed consultation after causing trouble, fault phenomenon and consequences, but also in the whole process of analysis and judgment asked for many times. The second is carefully check, based on the principles of fault diagnosis from inside extroversion of illness gradually. Overall check the machine tool electronic control unit ( Such as lubricating device, the numerical control system, temperature control device, etc. ) Presence of alarm indication, each part is working status in normal state ( Such as manipulator, state of spindle, each axis location, knife library, etc. ) On printed circuit boards, machine is local to observe whether there is a short circuit, open circuit, the circuit components and whether there is the phenomenon such as cracks, burns, whether the phenomenon such as poor contact, the maintenance of the circuit board, more want to check with shape, wrong parts and break, and so on and so forth. The third is the touch, under the condition of the machine power can touch installation position of the main circuit board, the condition of connector plug, the power and signal wire ( Such as servo motor contactor connection) A join condition such as to discover the cause of the failure may occur. 2, self-diagnosis function method. By using the self-diagnosis function, numerical control system, alarm information, and indicates the general failure cause. 3, exchange method. The same module and unit exchange, to observe the situation of failover, to rapidly determine the fault location. 4, instrument measurement comparison method. After the system failure occurs, the conventional electrical testing instruments, the fault section was measured, such as voltage, power supply, pulse signal in comparison with the values of normal and fault, can analyze the reason of the failure and their positions.
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