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Meet the numerical control lathe with phase type servo system

by:SNK     2020-08-31
Meet the numerical control lathe with phase servo system release date: 2019 - 11 - 08 clicks: 268 times with understanding of numerical control lathe under phase type servo system equipment, CNC numerical control lathe by general input and output devices ( Or CNC unit) , servo unit, drive unit ( Or actuator) , programmable controller PLC and electrical control devices, auxiliary equipment, machine tool of ontology and measuring feedback device. CNC lathe machine ontology similar to conventional machine tools, the main shaft transmission device, feeding device, bed, table, and the auxiliary motion device, hydraulic pneumatic system, lubrication system, cooling device, etc. But numerical control lathe, including the general layout, the exterior modelling, transmission system, the structure of the cutting tool system and operating mechanism, etc, have been great changes have taken place, the purpose of this change is in order to meet the requirements of nc machine tools and give full play to the characteristics of nc machine tools. Today we focus on something about servo system of nc lathe unit: servo unit is composed of drive, drive motor, and compared with numerical control lathe on the execution of the parts and mechanical transmission parts of nc machine tool feed system. Its role is to put the pulse signal from the nc devices into the machine moving parts movement. For step motor, each pulse signal to motor around a point of view, which drives the machine moving parts move a small distance. Each feed movement of the executive component has a corresponding servo drive system, the whole machine tool depends mainly on the performance of servo system. Numerical control lathe phase type servo system by reference signal generator, pulse phase modulator, detecting element, signal processing circuit, phase discriminator, drive circuit and actuators, etc. When the numerical control lathe numerical control device requirements table along one direction of feed, interpolation or feed interpolation software to produce a series of pulses. Feed pulse into the first position loop servo system of pulse phase modulator. To advance reference signal phase Angle & phi; , before the table movement, because there is no displacement of the worktable, so the detecting element and the signal processing circuit of the output and the reference signal with phase, namely the phase difference & theta; = 0. In phase discriminator, a command signal and feedback signal, make positive feed table. After positive feed table, the detecting element immediately detect the displacement of the feed, if & theta; ≠ φ 1, the workbench of the actual moving distance is not equal to the requirements of the command signal mobile distance, phase discriminator would & phi; And & theta; The difference between the detected, into speed control unit, drive motor rotation drive feed table. If & theta; =φ That workbench mobile distance is equal to the requirements of the command signal mobile distance, at this point, the output of the phase discriminator & phi; -θ = 0, stop feeding the workbench.
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