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Mechanical components of nc vertical lathe feed system description

by:SNK     2020-09-04
The nc vertical lathe feed system of mechanical components require release date: time - 2015 10 - 20 clicks: 1 2544 times, reduce the movement of mechanical transmission mechanism of the frictional resistance frictional resistance mainly from lead screw nut pair and guide rail, to reduce resistance, increase feed system fast responsiveness, widely used in the numerical control vertical car small friction factor of ball screw, plastic guideway and hydrostatic guideway. 2, should have moderate damping in reducing friction at the same time, must also consider the driving parts have enough damping, so as to ensure their anti-interference ability. Damping on the one hand, reduce the feed servo system of the fast response characteristics, on the other hand can increase the stability of the system. When insufficient rigidity, damping motion between moving parts to reduce the workbench to crawl, played an important role to improve the system stability. 3, improve the transmission precision and rigidity of nc vertical lathe feed system improve the transmission accuracy and stiffness can be done through the following ways: first, to ensure the ball screw nut pair ( Linear feed system) , worm pair ( To round week system) Machining accuracy and in various parts of the transmission accuracy; In addition, by joining in the feeding transmission chain gear transmission, the ball screw and bearing preloaded, eliminate the clearance of gear, worm and other transmission parts such as measures to improve the feed precision and rigidity. 4, the decrease of moment of inertia of the moving parts of moment of inertia of the movement parts starting and braking characteristics of servo mechanism has influence, especially in high speed running parts, the influence of the inertia is bigger. On the premise of meet the component stiffness and strength, should decrease as far as possible execution unit weight, reduce the diameter and weight of the rotating parts, to reduce the inertia of the moving parts. 5, good stability, long service life with inertia, stiffness and damping of the system stability and gain and so on. Servo feed system is it can normal work of the most basic conditions, especially at low speed feeding does not produce, and can adapt to the change of the external loads without resonance. And the life of the feed system, mainly refers to keep the transmission accuracy of nc machine tools and precision of the length of time, namely the transmission part's ability to maintain its original manufacturing precision, so should be reasonable to choose material, heat treatment method of the transmission and processing technology, and adopt suitable lubrication method and protective measures, to prolong life. 6, convenient in operation and maintenance of nc vertical lathe feed system structure should be designed to facilitate maintenance and maintenance, as far as possible, reduce the maintenance workload, in order to improve the utilization rate of machine tools.
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