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Mechanical accompany you to chat nc vertical lathe efficient operation Suggestions

by:SNK     2020-08-31
Mechanical accompany you to chat nc vertical lathe the efficient operation of recommended release date: 2018 - 06 - 15 clicks: 2510 mechanical accompany you chat nc vertical lathe efficient operation Suggestions nc vertical lathe with hand-held cutting and forming cutting the main difference is that the cutting speed, high precision cutting, nc vertical lathe are praised by the people now. CNC vertical lathe of numerical control device and servo system: 1. Numerical control device: computer and run on the software, it in nc vertical lathe & other; Command & throughout; Role. CNC zhuangzi sent all of the information received by processing program, and after processing and allocate to the drive mechanism found that execute the command. In the process of execution, the driver and testing institutions such as will feedback the information to the numerical control device at the same time, so that the processed a new command execution. 2. Servo system through the drive circuit and executable files. Accurately execute command from the nc device, the displacement of all the requirements of numerical control device. Numerical control lathe feed drive system of the commonly used instead of servo system, also often referred to as the feed servo system. Nc vertical lathe are technically now has close to the international level, the further perfection and development of the relatively limited space; And the enterprise operation ability but also has the very big promotion space. Therefore, efficient operation of nc vertical lathe and several Suggestions: 1. Numerical control system on no automatic cutting process and cutting parameter database cutting workers can only rely on experience and eyes to see, after manual approach operating CNC vertical lathe, cannot achieve automatic perforation and automatic cutting, cutting machine consumption efficiency of nature is very low. 2. Use when cutting way is not suitable for cutting set, using the way of cutting is too simple, all individual parts to punch, and are in good condition for cutting, without using the total edge, borrow edge, bridge and other high efficient cutting way, incur low cutting efficiency and cutting nozzle material ( Especially the plasma cutting nozzle) Waste is serious. Good attention to above points, the efficiency of using nc vertical lathe and material will be greatly promoted. 3. Slow cutting CNC system unstable incur as a result of the numerical control system CPU and disk fever, cause system instability, not full-time job; Or fan wear, hard disk vibration damage or infection virus, lead to the stagnation of consumption, it is also possible that the numerical control cutting control software flaws in the system, rendering trouble or cutting error, also be delayed cutting spending, influence the cutting quality. 4. Not use supporting software lead to material utility ratio is low not use supporting software, but on the CNC system calls to stop the manual programming, parts or read in parts stop parts cut, this not only waste time, also more waste material. So device nesting software, save time and material.
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