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mazak goes lean with \'production on demand\': introduces three new nexus machines.

by:SNK     2019-09-12
For those who visited the Mazak company
In the past few years, there has been nothing more surprising than Florence, KY, manufacturing plants and technology centers.
The innovative technology and automated manufacturing of Mazak rarely impressed visitors.
In May 2003, 600 customers and guests participated in heldin, an open home called \"manufacturing success paradigm\", no exception.
Mazak presents its new production system that provides itself with the possibility that the company\'s products will provide customers with: I. e.
Using advanced technology, lean manufacturing principles that reduce costs and improve efficiency are put in place.
It is called \"on-demand production\" and is characterized by the use of the company\'s latest multi-tasking technology for cellular manufacturing.
In the nearest cell.
Flexible manufacturing system (FMS)
Work is being done before 11 machines and is completely unattended.
Mazak\'s investment in its manufacturing capabilities was actually done in the \"worst period\" of the machine tool industry.
\"Last year must have been the toughest year in industrial history,\" explains Brian Pauck, president of Mazak, who is also a member of the AMT Board. -
Manufacturing Technology Association.
\"Although we have seen several machine tool factories shut down in the United States. S.
As a company, we are able to maintain a global technology center system and complete an investment of nearly $20 million in Kentucky factory to ensure a long-term
Long-term commitment to the United StatesS. market.
\"To highlight this commitment, Mazak has launched three new models in the contact line of the vertical machining and steering center.
With the launch of atIMTS 2002, the Nexus machine is thought to have given Mazak afully-
Even in difficult markets, market share is gained from commodity machine manufacturers.
The three new Nexus machines have expanded the size of the production line, including the VC Nexus 410B and the quick turn Nexus 250 and 350 models.
Like other Nexus machines, they have advanced components such as spindle motors that provide torque and speed without gears or belts, as well as advanced mazfusion Fusion 640 CNC controls for programming efficiency.
According to Mazak, the Nexus machine is the right response to the current state of the economy, forcing manufacturing to reduce production costs, reduce volume, and respond faster with less manpower-
It is the prescription it follows in its own manufacturing.
Mazak, a new on-demand production model designed to be successful, rethinks its manufacturing philosophy and fully records it in the ISO certification review later this year.
The manufacturing process depends on the change of equipment utilization, and the cellular layout is adopted using multi-task machines;
Software that relies on physical modeling and production control;
And cross people
Conduct training on opponent movement and mixed assembly duties.
For example, the Nexus machine has a modular design to eliminate the diversity of parts and components and reduce assembly time.
The result is a significant decrease in the process and the whole cycle time.
Even the old Mazak machines benefit from modular assembly, but to a lesser extent.
In the past, production efficiency meant grouping selected parts together for manufacturing to take advantage of common tools and sizes.
Combine Integrex multitasking with Palletech automated material processing to make highvariety/low-
Mass production on demand.
The method is this: intergrex multitasking machines can rotate, rotate multiple faces, drill holes, and complete complex parts in a single setting.
These machines include two intergrex 300IIY universal 1500 models and two intergrex 300 IISY models, each with 120-
Tool magazine and automatic fitter replacement with 15 sets of jaws.
Each intergrex is equipped with a 12 \"Chuck with a spindle (
35 hp, 3,500 rpm)and a 10,000-rpm, 30-hprotary tool.
The SY model also has a 12 \"Chuck for the second spindle (
30 hp, 3,500 rpm).
The Palletech manufacturing unit automatically arranges processing for each machine and moves the workpiece between the device and the loading station.
The new unit has 31 pallet stations, two loading and unloading stations, one pallet shuttle robot, gantry loader and four pallet claw storage stations, each with 10 sets of claws.
Palletech cell can process more than 80 different part numbers, including the spindle and chuck of the new Nexus production line of the CNCturning center and the vertical machining center, reducing the overall lead time of the manufacturing workshop and
For example, when the axis is working, the new unit shortens the processing time by 39.
4% and the entire cycle time 54.
Compared to the previous method, 7%.
The new Palletech cell is used to produce Chuck for independent turning and horizontal machining centers, reducing processing time by 46.
Total cycle time 49. 1%4 percent.
In the workshop, the modular design of the Nexus machine also brings significant benefits to assembly.
In the case of a vertical center (VC)
The Nexus model, once the column is centered, can be done by a single worker-
Assemble the machine into an 8-hour shift.
According to Mazak, from the receipt of the order to the delivery, the target for the delivery of the VC Nexus model is two months;
Fast turn (QT)
The Nexus model, GoBike for a month.
Of the 18 machines shown at the May open house event, there are electronics-
Machines, machine tools with electronic equipment
Tower including CCD camera for off-site monitoring and instant production feedback.
New Internet
The L 850 V is designed to produce large and complex workpieces in a single assembly. Other e-
The displayed machine includes Integrex e-
410 H, Integrexe-
0650 H, and Integrex e-1060V.
\"Rock-solid\" is a feature of Papke, \"not just technology and business leaders,\" Papke said, \"which also means providing first
Customer Support and maintenance.
\"According to the company, 97% of spare parts and maintenance requests for existing mazak equipment are shipped within 24 hours.
For Papke, the success of Mazak manufacturing is measured by it customers ---
They themselves are successful manufacturers, cutting costs, maintaining quality and maintaining profit margins in the most severe business environment in recent memory.
\"Many of our customers are still investing in improving productivity and generating profits,\" said Papke . \".
\"We will continue to create innovative models, and more models are coming.
\"Mazak will highlight the new technology at an event later this year in KY Florence, where the set of replicated machines presented by EMO will be launched in the United StatesS. Mazak Corp. ,www. rsleads. com/307tp-
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