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Main performance index of the nc lathe is introduced

by:SNK     2020-08-23
Numerical control lathe main performance index is introduced to release time: 2016 - 05 - 05 clicks: 1 2512 times, the main size CNC lathe is mainly lathe bed and rest maximum turning diameter, maximum cutting length, maximum turning diameter, etc. 2, the spindle system of CNC lathe spindle adopts dc or ac motor drive, has a wide speed range and higher accuracy, rotary spindle itself rigidity and vibration resistance is better. Now nc machine tool spindle is generally 5000 ~ 10000 r/min, and even higher speed, is highly advantageous to improve the machining quality and variety of holes; The spindle could speed ratio on the operation panel switch adjustment speed; In the end machining spindle with constant cutting speed ( Constant units: mm/min) , it is one of the important performance indicators of the lathe. 3, numerical control lathe feed system the system with feed speed range, fast ( Air travel) Speed range, motion resolution ( The smallest mobile increment) , positioning accuracy and the range of pitch, main technical parameters. Feed speed is affect the processing quality, production efficiency and tool life, the main factors by direct numerical control equipment operation speed, dynamic characteristics of the machine and process system stiffness. Nc machine tool feed speed can reach 10 ~ 30 m/min and the maximum speed of maximum rate of feed processing, maximum fast-forward speed for not processing when moving the fastest speed, feed speed by adjusting feed ratio on the operation panel switch. Pulse equivalent, Resolution) CNC is important precision index. Has its two aspects of content, one is the control precision of the machine tool coordinate axis to ( Can control the minimum displacement increment) , said CNC each send a pulse axes moving distance, known as the actual pulse equivalent or external pulse equivalent; 2 it is the smallest unit of internal operations, called internal pulse equivalent, within the general pulse yield is smaller than the actual pulse equivalent set, so no loss of accuracy in the process of operation, the numerical control system before the output displacement, automatically converts the internal pulse equivalent external pulse equivalent. Actual pulse equivalent decided to turn the screw pitch, motor of each pulse number and the mechanical transmission chain transmission ratio, the calculation formula for practical pulse equivalent = ratio & times; Screw pitch/motor turn each pulse number of nc machine tools machining precision and surface quality depends on the number of pulse equivalent size. Ordinary CNC machine pulse equivalent & ndash; , as is 0. 001 mm, the pulse equivalent simple nc machine tool, as a general rule, be 0. 01 mm, precision or ultra-precision CNC machine pulse equivalent general to 0. 0001 mm, the smaller the pulse equivalent, nc machine tools machining precision and surface quality is higher. Positioning accuracy and repeat precision, position precision index is accused of each movable axis machine tool in determining the accuracy can be achieved by the end of the actual position and its error is called the positioning error. Positioning error of servo system, test system, the error of the feed system and so on, also including the geometric error of moving parts guide rail, etc. It will directly affect the precision of parts processing. Repeat positioning accuracy refers to the CNC machine, again and again to run the same code, get the location of the consistent degree of precision. Repeat positioning accuracy by the servo system, feed transmission link features clearance and rigidity and the influence of factors such as friction characteristics. In general, repeat positioning accuracy is normally distributed random error, it affects the consistency of a batch of parts processing, is a very important precision index. Generally the positioning precision of nc machine tool is 0. 001 mm,重复定位精度为0. 005mm。 4 CNC lathes, cutting tool system including tool post station number, hole diameter tools and tool holder, tool change time, repetitive positioning accuracy of the content. Machining center dao database is and the tool change time directly influence its productivity, tool change time is refers to the automatic tool change system, the cutting tool and tool storage on the spindle tool for clearing house need time, tool change in general can be finished in 5 ~ 20 s of the time. Nc machine tool performance indicators and motor, cooling system, machine tools appearance size, weight, etc.
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