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Learn to develop a specification of CNC lathe installation and debugging of the action

by:SNK     2020-08-23
Want to learn form the installation and debugging of standard CNC lathe action release date: 2019 - 08 - 07 clicks: 394 times to learn how to form the installation and debugging action of standard CNC lathe CNC lathe should be set on the basis of strong, location should be far away from the source; Avoid sun exposure and thermal radiation; Placed in a dry place, avoid the influence of humidity and airflow. Near the machine if you have source of vibration, vibration control must be set around the foundation ditch. , on the basis of numerical control lathe in leveling in the free state, and then to locking anchor bolt equably. For ordinary machine tool, the level reading less than 0. 04/1000 mm, for high precision machine tools, level is less than 0. 02/1000mm。 When measuring installation accuracy, should be performed at constant temperature, measurement tools need to be used again after a period of time and temperature. Machine installation should avoid to make the machine produces the forced deformation of the installation method. Machine installation should not be removed in some parts of the machine tool, casually component disassembly can lead to important new machine of the internal stress distribution, which may effect the precision of machine tools. Machine tool geometric accuracy of inspection, need to clean up the whole machine. With immersion cleaning of cotton or silk, can not use cotton or gauze. Washing machine factory to protect the guideway and the machined surface and tu rust-proof oil or antirust paint. Clean the dust on the surface of the machine tool appearance. In each of the sliding surface and working surface are coated with machine rules make the lubricating oil. Carefully check the machine parts with oil as required, whether to add sufficient coolant in the cooling box. Machine tool hydraulic station, automatic oil lubrication device between whether the oil level instructions specified parts. Check the switch in the electric control box and components is normal, the instrumentation integrated circuit board is in place. Electricity to start the centralized lubrication with hin, make the lubrication parts full of lubricating oil and lubricating oil road. Make everything ready before the machine tool parts movement. CNC lathes we want to develop a specification of debugging action: 1. Debugging the program must beat G00 speed selector switch on the F0 block, make knives at a slower rate close to the workpiece, otherwise, once the wrong knife, cutting tool from the tool change very fast movement in G00 way to feed point, may be strong to collide and artifacts, let operators are confused about what to do, to eliminate danger; Instead, let the cutting tool at a slower speed is near, even if the wrong knife, operators also have plenty of time to adjust. 2. In the debug program, must take the CNC lathe is in a state of single step. The operator in the numerical control lathe after executing a program section, must check again for the next segment of right and wrong and rationality, and make adjustments accordingly. 3. Numerical control lathe in the process of movement, the operator must always observe the change of cutter coordinates on the screen and the procedure of the sports end coordinates are in accordance with whether the coordinates of tool movement. 4. Program debugging process, the operator can put a finger in the circulation on the start button, another keep a finger on the loop button, so that in times of emergency can in time to stop the execution of the program. At the same time, keep in mind the location of the emergency button, so that a rainy day. When start the machine tools, general reference point for machine tool setting. Machine tool workpiece coordinate system should be consistent with the programming coordinate system, if the error, the possibility of turning tool and the workpiece collisions is very big. In addition, the tool length compensation Settings must be correct, otherwise, either empty processing, or collision. 5. Program debugging stage using computer simulation functions. With the development of computer technology, the expansion of the numerical control processing teaching, nc machining simulation system is becoming more and more its function improvement. Therefore can be used for preliminary examination procedure, watching the movement of the cutting tool, to determine whether there is a possible collision. Use of CNC lathe with graphic simulation and processing function. Generally more advanced numerical control lathe with graphical simulation since the processing function, before automatic processing, to avoid program error, tool collision or chuck, workpiece can be graphical simulation for the whole process, check whether the tool path is correct.
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