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lathe joshi gets it\'s official release date - times of india

by:SNK     2019-10-08
The movie \"Lathe Joshi\", which has made headlines because of its high praise at various international film festivals, finally has a release date.
After creating a sensation with marathon movie audiences with its title and teaser poster, the film is now scheduled for release in July 13.
The film revolves around a character called Joshi, who is known for his skilled work on the lathe, which is used to form metal pieces.
When the owner of the workshop had to close the business due to the progress of automation, he did not have a job.
The film was created and directed by Mangesh Joshi, directed by Amol Kagne, known for winning films such as halal.
Amol started his career as a stage artist and will play the leading role in the film.
Lathe Joshi has been appreciated and shown at 21 national and international film festivals.
Except in PIFF (
Pune International Film Festival
The film even won the Best Film award.
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