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large vmc capability in a small footprint.

by:SNK     2019-09-13
The VF-
3YT/50 vertical machining center with extended Y-
Heavy travel-
50-cutting capacity on duty
Small cone machine.
It has a working envelope of 40 \"x 26\" x 25. Heavycast-
The iron structure provides rigidity and stability. A wide T-
Slottable provides space for fixtures and large parts.
It comes with a30-pocket side-
Install tool changer and 30 hp, 7500-rpm, geared-
Provides spindle system up to 450lb of torque.
Standard features also include automatic chip removal drills, programmable coolant nozzles, a 15-inch color LCD display with a USB port, and a remote jogging handle.
HaasAutomation, Inc. [
Slightly] IllustrationsVisit www. rsleads. com/709mn-
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