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Know what sensors are requirements for CNC lathe?

by:SNK     2020-08-30
Know what sensors are requirements for CNC lathe? Release date: 2019 05 - 31 clicks: of the numerical control lathe under the 1128 times to understand what sensors are required? Different categories of nc lathe is different to the requirement of the sensor, in general, large-scale machine tools require high response speed, medium and high precision nc machine tools is given priority to with required accuracy. The current numerical control lathe main sensor of pulse encoder, linear grating, rotating transformer, inductosyn, etc categories: 1. Pulse encoder pulse encoder is a kind of angular displacement ( Speed) Sensor, it can put the mechanical Angle into electrical impulses. Can be divided into the photoelectric pulse encoder, contact and electromagnetic three, among this, photoelectric application more. 2. Linear grating sensor linear grating sensors is in using light transmission and reflection phenomenon, commonly used in displacement measurement, high resolution, measurement accuracy is higher than photoelectric encoder, adapted to the dynamic measurement. In the feed drive, fixed grating ruler on nc lathe bed, produced by the pulse signal of the directly reflect the actual location of the carriage. Detected using grating nc lathe workbench position servo system is fully closed loop control system. 3. Rotating transformer rotating transformer is a kind of output voltage and angular displacement quantity into a continuous function relationship between induction decay motor. Rotating transformer is composed of stator and rotor, in particular, it is composed of one core, two two stator winding and rotor winding of the original, deputy winding is placed on the stator and rotor respectively, the original, electromagnetic coupling between each winding is associated with the Angle of the rotor. 4. Inductosyn inductosyn is the use of two planar winding inductance varies with position of principle. Function is to transfer alignment Angle or become induction electromotive force of phase and amplitude, can be used to measure the straight line or Angle displacement sensor. Inductosyn according to its structure can be divided into two kinds of linear and rotary. Linear inductosyn consists of two parts, scale and sliding scale, scale installation in the numerical control lathe bed, slide gauge installed on the moving parts, with the workbench mobile; Rotary inductosyn stator for fixed disc, rotor of rotating disk. Inductive synchronous apparatus is of high accuracy and resolution, strong anti-interference ability, long service life, simple maintenance, long displacement measurement, good manufacturability, low cost advantages. Linear inductosyn is now widely used in the large displacement static and dynamic measurement, such as three coordinate measuring machine, program-controlled nc machine tools, precision measuring devices such as heavy machine tools and machining center. Rotary inductosyn was also very much used in the numerical control lathe and instruments and various rotary servo control system.
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