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Know the slant bed digital display system development of the numerical control lathe

by:SNK     2020-08-25
Know the slant bed CNC lathe of digital display system development release date: 2020 - 03 - 16 clicks: 190 times one of the important types of slant bed CNC lathe is a machine tool, occupies very important position in the machine tool, for decades has always been throughout all over the world pay attention to and the agile. After adopted in our country and foreign well-known manufacturers cooperation, joint venture, technology introduction, digestion, absorption, and so on to make the domestic machine tool production level had the very big progress, its output have a larger share in the metal cutting machine tool. Digital display technology development of slant bed CNC lathe established as rapid increase of machine tool industry position, also promoted the development of the digital display technology and CNC machine tool. Due to sensor and digital display table production costs continue to drop, make the machine tool widely used digital display device, the machine now the production of digital display device has become a very broad industry. According to the analysis, the machine tool industry is very competitive. Most enterprises due to equipment falling behind in the production and processing, led to a decline in production, and also cannot secure the quality of the products, so that the company can't keep up with today's industry faces competition, due to the high cost of numerical control lathe, most companies still breathtaking, so the common machine tool is being converted into a digital display system, although technically not reached full automatic, but in the original foundation of technology and improved many times. After converted into digital display device, conventional machine tools to improve the machining accuracy, processing speed and the original ordinary machine tools to meet the machining parts, machine tool relative to the numerical control system of the digital display system upgrading transformation on the economy was still very considerable. Slant bed CNC lathe digital display technology is microelectronics technology reform of traditional machine tool industry of new things. After machine adopts digital display device improves the machining precision and work efficiency, reduce the rejection rate. For half a century, in order to obtain displacement sensor on the digital display of machine tool application of five kinds: inductosyn, grating, and the magnetic grid, grid and grid. The five kinds of measurement system is a grate measurement system, repeat the cycle structure design method has been adopted, using the average technology to reduce error and improve the precision of using differential technology to improve the sensitivity. In addition to the magnetic grid, ball grid, the other three sensors are adopt the method of lithography, copying manufacturing scale, its manufacturing cost is reduced and accuracy was improved. The five kinds of measurement system embodies the diversity in the field of displacement measurement, all have their own advantages and disadvantages, complement each other in use. Inductosyn is the first application in our country and the grating sensor, began as a Angle encoder, then developed into linear displacement sensor. Starting applications is the military, and then the measuring instruments, only to have a digital display table with machine digital display, and then have a numerical control system of position feedback. The magnetic grid and grid is used to display from the start, capacitors are used for measuring tools, measuring tool at the gate, 03 sanfeng will let grid used in digital display of the machine. Digital display technology to improve traditional lathe industry in China is in the mid - 1980 - s, under the government promote the national provinces, municipalities set up a digital display technology extension service center, with a large number of funds allowance enterprise installation machine digital display device, the domestic sensor is relatively mature products inductosyn, so most of the digital display center promotion is inductosyn digital display device.
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