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Introduction to the development of the nc vertical lathe spindle control device

by:SNK     2020-08-26
Introduction to the development of the nc vertical lathe spindle control device status release date: 2016 - 07 - 22 clicks: 2536 nc vertical lathe spindle control from manual control to automatic control, from simple to complex control system control equipment development, from the contact of the relay - contactor control system development to the computer as the core of control system software, machine tool spindle control technology is along with the continuous renewal of components and the development of computer technology, and integrated application of the computer, automatic control, electronic technology, precision measurement, and other advanced scientific and technological achievements and developed rapidly. CNC vertical lathe spindle control device is mainly composed of control system and speed regulating device of the two most. CNC vertical lathe is equipment manufacturing equipment, called & other; Machine tools & throughout; ; Numerical control system is the numerical control machine tool & other; Throughout the brain &; , is the core of the nc machine tools, machine tools of all sorts of functions are controlled by CNC system to realize. With the rapid development of computer technology, the traditional manufacturing industry started the essential change, all industrial developed countries invested heavily, the modern manufacturing technology research, development, and puts forward a new manufacturing mode. In modern manufacturing system, the key technology is the numerical control technology, it will be a computer, microelectronics, automatic detection and information processing, automatic control, high and new technology integrated into an organic whole, has the characteristics of high efficiency, high precision, flexible automation. Implementation of manufacturing flexible automation, intelligence, integration plays an important role. At present, the numerical control technology is undergoing major transformation, the special enclosed open loop control mode to the universal open real-time dynamic full closed loop control mode. On the basis of integration, numerical control system has realized the ultra miniaturization, ultra-thin; On the basis of intelligent, a combination of computer, multimedia, multidisciplinary technology such as neural network, fuzzy control, numerical control system realized the high precision, high efficiency, high speed control, machining process can be automatically corrected, adjustment and compensation of various parameters, realized the online intelligent diagnosis and troubleshooting. In recent years, the power electronic technology, the rapid development of large scale integrated circuit and computer technology, have created favorable conditions for the development of ac speed regulation technology, the ac motor speed regulation and control to a new level. And research at home and abroad have attached great importance to development of ac motor speed control technology. High power ac drive control, get the development by leaps and bounds. Recently, the international introduced resonant inverter, or zero voltage switching element in zero current conduction or shut off, and reduce the loss of the beginning, reduce the circuit size. This power source has reached 100 kw. Because the dc speed regulation has the superiority of controlled performance, and high performance speed control features, so its widely used in machine tool spindle, especially in large, heavy machine tool spindle drive. Dc speed adjustment with speed smooth, convenient, easy to smooth speed regulation in large scope, overload capacity is big, can be frequent impact load, which can realize frequency stepless rapid braking and reverse. Can satisfy the production process automation system in different kinds of special operation requirements. So, dc speed regulating system is still widely used in automatic control of various production departments, high demand is the main form of speed control system.
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