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In the numerical control lathe several concept analysis of 'points'

by:SNK     2020-08-22
In the numerical control lathe several released 'dot' analysis of the concept of time: 2017 - 06 - 13 clicks: 1 2549 times origin, numerical control lathe numerical control lathe zero is called the machine zero ( X = 0 , Y = 0 ,Z = 0) 。 A fixed point on the machine tools is zero, be determined by the manufacturer in advance. Machine zero point M is the zero point of machine tool coordinate system and other coordinate system, such as the workpiece coordinate system, programming and the reference point (within the machine tool Or reference point) The starting point. Numerical control lathe machine tool coordinate system ( XOZ) The origin O generally located in the chuck end face, or a certain distance away from the jaw face, or machine tool reference point. CNC milling machine tool coordinate system ( X YZO) The origin O generally located in the machine tool reference point or machine table surface of the left corner. 2, machine tool reference point ( Reference point) Machine tool reference point ( R) Is defined by the machine manufacturer's artificial points, machine tool reference point ( R) With the machine zero ( M) Is fixed and the coordinates of the position relationship between stored in corresponding machine tool numerical control system of data, usually are not allowed to change. Only under special circumstances can change by machine tool reference point ( R) The limit switch to change its location; But at the same time must be able to accurately measure the machine reference point ( R) Relative machine zero point ( M) The geometry size of distance and deposited in the corresponding machine tool numerical control system of data, to ensure that the original design of the machine tool coordinate system is not damaged. Control system starts, all the shaft going back to a reference point, so that the calibration measurement system. Most of the machine tool can automatically return reference point, such as existing coordinates because of power outage cost control system, can return reference point, and to obtain accurate location value. The position of the reference point R is with stop and limit switches on each axis accurately predetermined time. Zero reference point of machine tool is a known number, the coordinates of reference points situated on the edge of the machining area. 3, workpiece zero ( Programming zero) By the operator or programming in parts program, to a fixed point on the workpiece zero point of coordinate system, known as the workpiece coordinate system ( Or programming coordinate system) 。 The workpiece coordinate system of the zero point, called the workpiece zero point ( Or programming zero) W。 Choose the workpiece zero point principle is: let the workpiece size easily converted to coordinate values in this picture, try to use pattern size as coordinate values directly. Measurement system can easily check, clamping, easy adjustment, orientation, orientation. Numerical control lathe workpiece zero point on the edge of the finished parts contour edge on the right side or left side of the spindle axis. A quoin milling workpiece zero of the workpiece, the workpiece zero is selected ( The distance tends to be relative to the reference point) When starting the machine tool input to the numerical control device. 4, program zero order processing or programming convenient, sometimes outside the workpiece zero zero point of setting up a program, designed for programming. Sometimes the workpiece zero point namely as a program zero point. 5, cutting tool reference point of CNC lathe machine zero point M, workpiece zero W, reference point R and tool reference points: tool setting point E and tool post installation point N. Tool setting point E in the handle of a fixed position, it made it possible to outside the machine tool measuring tool size. Measured value input to the numerical control system of cutting tools in data storage, tool length with cartesian coordinate or L coordinates, said point of misalignment or nose radius represented by X and R or Q coordinates. Correspond to tool setting point, on the head with a tool post installation point N, when the cutting tool or the handle into the rest, Such as the turret head) Installed, the cutting tool point and tool rest point collocated. Reference points for installation of tools is very important, must take before processing cutting tool data ( The tool length and radius R L, etc. ) Input to the numerical control device and stored. For the tool to measure the length L and transverse distance Q. For the cutter to measure length L and radius R. 6, to the point and change knife point after confirmed the parts of the installation, should choose good workpiece coordinate system, the cutting point and tool change point. Of knife point refers to the numerical control processing, the starting point of the tool relative parts movement, usually set to the origin of the workpiece coordinate system. The knife point can be located in the workpiece, also can be in relationship with the workpiece positioning base of fixture for a position. Its selection principle is as follows: make simple programming. The knife point on the machine tool is easy to find, facilitate the machining process. Small machining error caused by the. When the need to change the knife should be set in the process of nc machining tool change point. Change the knife point should be located in components and the outside of the fixture, lest in knife or injured when the workpiece fixture, etc.
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