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How to view for CNC lathe tool requirements

by:SNK     2020-08-22
How CNC lathe demand for tool release time: 2019 - 09 - 23 clicks: about 367 times the numerical control lathe numerical control lathe turning to the requirement of tool with the tool of generally divided into three categories, namely pointed tool, circular turning tool and molding tool. Characterized by straight cutting edge tool generally called pointed tool. This kind of lathe tool tip is composed of rectilinear Lord, vice cutting edge, such as 90 & deg; Inside and outside turning tool, left, right facing tool, cutting ( Broken) Various cylindrical turning tool and the blade chamfering small and inner hole tool. With this kind of tool machining parts, the main parts of shape by a separate point or a linear displacement of the main cutting edge, after received it with the other two kinds of cutting tool machining parts summarized the principle of shape is very different. Circular turning tool is relatively points of nc machining tool. Is characterized by a main cutting edge of the blade shape for a roundness fault or line induction through small circular arc; The circular arc edge every bit is the turning point of circular arc form, therefore, knife site not on the circular arc, and on the arc of circle; Turning radius of circular arc theory has nothing to do with the shape of the processed parts, and can be adjustable as required or after determination of confession. When some pointed tool or molding tool tip has a certain arc shape, also can be used as this kind of tool use. Circular turning tool can be used for turning on interior and exterior, especially suitable for cutting all kinds of smooth connection ( Concave) The molding surface. Molding tool known as model tool, the processing parts of shape entirely by turning the blade shape and standard choice. In the numerical control turning processing, common molding tool has a small radius arc lathe tool, the rectangular slot car knife and threading tool, etc. In the numerical control processing, with or without forming tool should be less as far as possible. In order to meet the needs of the CNC lathe processing automation, and advances the product processing quality and producing power, save the tooling cost, should use of modularization and standardization more knives. Numerical control lathe can double as coarse and fine cutting. For rough turning to full depth, large knife, for rough turning tools high strength, good durability; Fine car first is to guarantee machining accuracy, so request tool with high precision and good durability. To reduce the changeover time and convenient for knife, knife should be used as much as possible machine. Use the machine clamp knife can prepare conditions for automatic to knife. If using the machine on the traditional lathe knife is a kind of initiative, then using the machine on nc lathe knife is a requirement. Machine tool blade, to produce high precision, the clamping blade way is to choose the more reasonable. Due to the machine clamp cutter with CNC lathe, generally do not add shim adjustment, so the point in the manufacturing of high precision should be guaranteed. For the length to diameter ratio bigger diameter cutter bar, best with anti vibration structure. Inner cooling fluid had better introduce knife body, from head near the volcano. On the blade, in most cases should use coating cemented carbide blade. Coating at higher cutting speed,> 100米/分钟) When it showed its superiority. Ordinary lathe cutting speed is generally couldn't get on, so using the carbide insert can not coating. Blade coating increases costs less than one times, and durability when used on nc lathe can increase more than two times. Numerical control lathe with the coating blade cutting speed can be improved, thus can improve the machining efficiency. Coating material generally have titanium carbide, titanium nitride, alumina, etc. , can also be on the same blade with several layers of different material, become a composite coating. CNC lathes have higher request for the blade of chip breaker groove. High degree of automation, numerical control lathe cutting, often in a closed environment, so it is difficult to for large chip in the process of turning to artificial treatment. If chip off badly, it will be wrapped around the head, both may be crushed with the blade, the cutting surface strain. Ordinary lathe with carbide insert is generally 2 d chip breaker groove, and the numerical control turning blades often USES 3 d chip breaker groove. 3 d chip breaker groove in the form of many, the blade factory in general is to finalize the design into several kinds of standards. It is the common characteristic of chip breaker performance is good, wide range of chip breaker. For a specific material parts, after cutting parameter set, should pay attention to choose the right blade groove type. Selection process can make some theoretical discussion, but the more the main is a real cutting experiment was carried out. On some occasions, may, in light of the existing blade groove to modify the cutting parameters. For blade with high durability and it is beyond doubt. Numerical control lathe also requires the blade durability good consistency, in order to use the tool life management function. When using tool life management, the setting principle of blade durability is the durability of the lowest in this batch of blade blade as basis. In this case, the consistency of the blade durability is even more important than the average life expectancy. As to the accuracy, the same required accuracy good consistency between the blades.
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