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How to reasonably arrange the slant bed CNC lathe processing dosage?

by:SNK     2020-09-04
How to reasonably arrange the slant bed CNC lathe processing dosage? Release date: 2020 04 - 24 clicks: 163 slant bed CNC lathes, high reliability, low noise transmission, can satisfy different needs of processing, full protection design, leakproof effect is ideal, ensure the safety of the operator. Used in automobiles, motorcycles, electronics, aerospace, military industry, oil and other industries. Suitable for short shaft or disk parts within the various internal and external rotary surface, grandpa inch thread automated cutting, can processing complex surface of the circular arc curve, especially suitable for dish of a mass production. 45° Inclined bed structure, good rigidity, easy chip design, fully enclosed protection aesthetically pleasing and reliable protection. Slant bed CNC lathe of linear rolling guide satisfies the requirement of high speed and efficient, reduce the friction resistance and deformation temperature, improve the machining precision, and can ensure the long-term stability of the machining accuracy. Tool detection device can automatically point location data input numerical control system, greatly reduced the bleaching time, change of knife can automatically compensate the tip of the wear and tear. Using high rigid horizontal turret head, high positioning accuracy, heavy cutting deformation is small. Configuration spindle stepless speed regulation, and hydraulic chuck, hydraulic tailstock, horizontal eight tool carrier, enclosed protection. Using whole diagonal structure of lathe bed, heavy cutting can still maintain the stability of the machine tool accuracy. High precision, high rigidity programmable tailstock. Adopts full guide rail protection, cooling tank and chip removal device and the host separation, ensure accuracy of machine tools from hot cutting effect. Reasonable dosage of selected slant bed CNC lathe processing, and machine tool, cutting tool, workpiece and process has great related to various factors, such as how to select reasonable? If for rough machining, to ensure high yield power demand, suggest choosing a larger quantity of turning, make sure that larger feed, cutting speed can choose low and middle speed. And precision work, the requirements to ensure that the parts of the surface of the scale and accuracy, choose the smaller turning amount, smaller feeding, to ensure that the cutting speed can choose high speed. In addition, the slant bed rough machining, CNC lathes, general to give full play to the potential of machine tool and tool cutting ability. If be for semi-finishing and finish machining, should consider how to ensure the processing quality and progress points to produce power. When choosing the cutting dosage, shall ensure that tool can end a parts or ensure the durability of not less than a job class, at least half the class at the time of operation.
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