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How to read and understand the main functions of the CNC lathe spindle system?

by:SNK     2020-08-30
How to read and understand the main functions of the CNC lathe spindle system? Release date: 2020 02 - 05 clicks: 217 CNC lathe is short for digital program controlled lathe, through the digital information, control of machine tools according to the given trajectory, automatic machining of electromechanical integration equipment, after half a century development, is an important symbol of modern manufacturing, its application in manufacturing industry is becoming more and more widely, is a reflection of an enterprise comprehensive strength. CNC lathe is the present domestic usage is the largest, the most widely coverage of a CNC machine tool, accounts for about 25% of the total number of nc machine tools. Mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic, microelectronics and information technology as a whole. Is the machinery manufacturing equipment has high accuracy, high efficiency, high automated and high flexibility advantages of machine tools. Its technical level and the yield and the percentage of the total number of metal cutting machine tools is the measure of a country national economy development and an important symbol of the overall level of industrial manufacturing. Numerical control lathe spindle function ( S function) How do you understand? Spindle speed instruction function, and it is by the address S behind the Numbers, there are S2 ( Two digits) ,S4( Four digits) Notation, namely SXX and SXXXX, general economical nc lathe with one or two commonly prescribed code to control the main shaft of a gear of high speed and low speed with stepless speed regulation function of numerical control lathe, can be directly by the following Numbers for the spindle of a given speed, r/min) . In addition, for which has the function of constant linear velocity cutting CNC lathe, its processing in the program S instructions to constant speed RPM, instruction is turning the constant linear velocity ( M/min) Namely, when turning, the spindle speed with the change of the turning diameter and automatically change, setting will maintain a constant linear velocity for a given value. S double-digit CNC lathe being generally agreed with one or two digits of the code, said CNC system corresponding level 6 of machine tool spindle mechanical shift ( Each gear top gear and low gear) With S1 is specified for high-speed, S2 specify at low speed, but also to specify the spindle rotation direction with M code, the M3 is turned, the M4 inversion, the high speed, low speed is relative to the case of a mechanical gear machine tool. S being four digits with address S numerical direct instruction and the following four shaft revolutions ( Revolutions per minute) 。 Such as S1200 spindle constant speed of 1200 rotations per minute (RPM), for the numerical control system with constant line speed control function, it S the back of the linear velocity is constant, as the change of turning diameter, according to a given linear velocity calculated spindle speed, makes the tool location relationship between workpiece surface constant moment. Use G96 ( Constant line speed control instructions) ,G97( Specify the spindle speed) To cooperate with S code to specify the speed of the spindle. The use of the specific function of the main shaft and parameters of control system specification.
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