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How to better maintenance of heavy duty nc vertical lathe?

by:SNK     2020-08-28
How to better maintenance of heavy duty nc vertical lathe? Release date: 2015 11 - 30 clicks: 2518 efficient CNC vertical lathe, is suitable for machining medium and small dish, cover parts high strength cast iron base, column, has the good stability and seismic behavior of the vertical structure, the clamping workpiece is convenient, covers an area of small structure of oil-water separation, make the water clean environmental protection lasting separate cooling water tank, easy cleaning cartridge spindle structure of precision, high stiffness, easy to repair the spindle sleeve symmetry, hanging design, all the better to eliminate the influence of thermal deformation of machining accuracy high power ac spindle motor, to enhance the stability of the machine tool spindle adopts imported advanced grease lubrication, fully enclosed, saddle, pillar and maintenance-free guide overweight load is linear rolling guide, good dynamic response performance, high accuracy stable with high quality vertical electric tool post for 6 station, high rigidity and reliable tool change quickly, the centralized machine operation panel, make the operation more convenient, shortcut X/Z axis adopts the high precision ball screw and screw bearing, good accuracy stable protection, this product is fully closed environment clean. Heavy duty nc vertical lathe maintenance of good, can help us save a lot of the cost of maintenance, but how can maintain better, actually want to maintain good heavy duty nc vertical lathe, first of all we need to know about our heavy duty nc vertical lathe structure performance. Structure performance is: 1. Table and table base with integral casting thermal symmetric structure, the main shaft bearing double row short cylindrical roller bearing with high precision, the workbench of the equipment with constant current static pressure guide rail, and with constant temperature cooling. To ensure that the rotation of the machine tools with high precision and enough stiffness, strength and thermal stability. 2. Heavy duty nc vertical lathe, vertical tool rest level guide adopts sliding or static pressure unloading guide, constant current static pressure guide rail, vertical movement is sliding guide, skid composite guide. And according to user needs can be mounted to the common tool post or double numerical control tool rest. Understand the performance after how should maintain? First, the guide surface and keep good lubrication, the movement parts at the same time pay attention to the inside of the machine tool movement and lubrication. Second, need regular refueling, in oil mark places to add oil to the oil line. And satisfy the lubrication requirement. Machine tool used for the first time once a months to replace oil, replacement of a lubricating oil after half a year. Third, every time when the upper and lower succession to clean up machine tools, and instructed to add the oil well. Fourth, we need to check the movement of the machine tool parts sensitivity is normal. Fifth, need each system equipment, operation panel, electrical components, the signal is sensitive, reliable and keep bright and clean. Sixth, don't blow the iron filings note in the washing machine into the parts of the machine tool movement. Overall conscientiously implement the metal cutting machine tool general operating rules about rules. If there is something wrong with the heavy duty nc vertical lathe, must timely inspection maintenance.
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