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How to accurately determine the numerical control lathe feed and cutting depth?

by:SNK     2020-08-24
How to accurately determine the numerical control lathe feed and cutting depth? Release date: 2019 09 - 18 clicks: 373 times how to accurately determine the numerical control lathe feed and cutting depth? Numerical control lathe can provide very high cutting speed, but this is just meet the efficient processing of a factor. Because it is being used by the cutting tool, machine tool rigidity, and numerical control functions. Therefore, a single high speed cannot fully reflect processing efficiency. Numerical control lathe in programming, we must make sure every working procedure of cutting parameter. Choosing cutting dosage, must fully consider the various factors influencing the cutting, the right choice cutting condition, reasonably determine the cutting dosage, can effectively improve the machining quality and production. Factors that affect the cutting condition are: machine tools, tools, cutting tools and workpiece rigid; Cutting speed, cutting depth and cutting feed rate; The workpiece precision and surface roughness; Tool life expectancy and maximum productivity; The types of cutting fluid, cooling way; The hardness of workpiece material and heat treatment conditions; Number of artifacts; The life of the machine tool, etc. In these factors, cutting speed, cutting depth and cutting feed rate as the main factors. Numerical control lathe cutting speed directly affects the cutting efficiency. If cutting speed is too small, the cutting time will lengthen, the cutting tool cannot play its function; If the cutting speed is too fast, while it is possible to shorten the cutting time, but the tool is easy to produce high fever, affect the service life of cutting tools. Many factors determine the cutting speed, in summary are as follows: 1. Cutting tool materials. Cutting tool material, cutting speed to allow for maximum is different also. High speed steel cutter high temperature resistant cutting speed is less than 50 m/min, carbide cutting tools high temperature resistant cutting speed can reach above 100 m/min, ceramic cutting tool of high temperature resistant cutting speed can be as high as 1000 m/min. 2. The workpiece material. Workpiece material hardness is high and low will affect the tool cutting speed, cutting speed should be reduced by the same cutting tool machining hard materials, the processing of soft material, cutting speed can be improved. 3. The knives' service life. Cutting tool used time ( Life) For long, should adopt low cutting speed. On the other hand, can use high cutting speed. 4. Cutting depth and feed quantity. Cutting depth and feed quantity is big, cutting resistance is big, the cutting heat will increase, so the cutting speed should be reduced. 5. The shape of the cutting tool. The size of the shape of the cutter, Angle, the degree of the sharp edge will affect the selection of cutting speed. 6. Coolant is used. Good rigidity, high precision machine tool cutting speed can be improved; On the other hand, would probably have to lower cutting speed. The influence factors of cutting speed, the influence of the cutting tool material is most main. Cutting depth is mainly the restriction of the machine tool stiffness, permission of stiffness in the numerical control lathe, cutting depth should be as large as possible, if not be restricted by the machining accuracy, can make the cutting depth is equal to the components of the machining allowance. This can reduce the number of feeding. Spindle speed according to the numerical control lathe and the cutting tool allows to determine the cutting speed. Can maneuver or look-up table method to select algorithm. Feeding f ( mm/r) Or feed rate (F mm/min) According to the parts machining precision, surface roughness, cutting tool and workpiece materials to choose. The largest feed speed limited by the stiffness of machine tool and the limitation of the feed drive and nc system. When we select cutting dosage, must according to the requirement of the specifications and the tool life, choose suitable for machine tool characteristics and the cutter cutting parameter optimum durability. , of course, also can with experience, the analogy method is adopted to determine the cutting parameter. No matter use what method to select cutting dosage, are intended to ensure that the tool durability can complete a parts processing, or guarantee the tool life of no less than a work shift, the minimum is not less than half a flight time.
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