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How speed affect the nc vertical lathe processing?

by:SNK     2020-09-03
How speed affect the nc vertical lathe processing? Release date: 2020 03 - 27 clicks: 178 nc vertical lathe is designed based on the original machinery type vertical lathe CNC vertical lathe, inherited the mechanical vertical lathe big negative, the advantages of high torque and high rigidity. Castings are strict artificial aging and vibration aging, to ensure the rigidity and stability of the machine tool. Vertical lathe adopts the advanced super audio quenching process, the vertical lathe longer service life. This series of bed is suitable for motor, water turbine, aviation, mining machinery, metallurgy and general machinery industry, can be used in the inner and outer cylinder, cone surface and face, cutting and other rough and finish machining. For nc vertical lathe speed once more than the limit of the machine tool spindle speed, some small problems of the original machine tool, sometimes will become a serious problem. Using vertical bed for metal cutting processing, the discretion of the spindle speed has a significant impact on machining process. Within the scope of low speed or speed is commonly used in the spindle, little influence on the quality of its processing. Between the cutting speed and processing quality, the selection of various cutting parameters will comply with the laws of cutting theory reveals. In more than limit value or processed under higher spindle speed, can cause cutting temperatures, workpiece is bigger, the centrifugal force may also cause the vibration of the machine tool. Spindle speed is higher, the tensile parts outward from the axis of rotation to produce centrifugal force, the greater the especially in finish machining, the centrifugal force more big influence on main shaft bearing. CNC vertical lathe processing cutting speed fixed values, to ensure the processing precision of parts, control of machine tool spindle speed, through the command G96, control system, realize the constant cutting speed. The program is by controlling the dc motor or frequency three-phase motor speed to perform the constant speed commands. With processing diameter decreases, and cutting speed theoretically unlimited increase, but the high rotational speed, the radial force is too large, because of the workpiece leads to clamp force increased, causing accidents such as jig with car body damage. CNC vertical lathe in machining parts, when circular cutting speed is constant, can make the turning workpiece surface roughness after consistent, also can improve the service life of cutter. After set the constant cutting speed in different diameter of the work piece in the spindle speed is changing. In cutting the workpiece in large diameter spindle rotational speed is low. In the cutting of small diameter workpiece, the spindle rotational speed is higher. If the spindle rotational speed is too high, the workpiece will be flying out of danger, so you need to limit the limit of the spindle speed.
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