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hot & cold lamination machines in india

by:SNK     2019-10-02
If you are buying a laminate machine, you may notice that there are two main ways to laminate files and pictures.
Both methods are cold and cold.
Both of these lamination technologies have their own benefits, but what type of laminating machine should you use?
If you know some of the key differences between the two, you will get the best laminate machines for your business.
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If you are buying machines around, you may notice that there are two main methods for laminating documents and pictures.
Both methods are cold and hot.
Both techniques are good, but which type of laminating machine should you use?
Cold Heat engines are all versatile laminating machines that are still commonly used today, but thermal lamination is by far the most popular.
Each style has unique features that make it ideal for certain laminated work.
Let me explain the difference between the two.
Cold laminated-
Cold Press lamination is often called pressure lamination.
This is because when the pressure is applied, there is a tacky adhesive on one side of the cold film that sticks to the file like a clear tape.
This lamination method is popular when making stickers, crafts and laminated temperature sensitive files.
Thermal lamination-
This is a very popular method of hot lamination in India, commonly known as hot lamination, which is very common.
This lamination method uses a roll or bag coated on one side with a hot-activated adhesive.
Once heated, the glue melts like a hot glue gun.
Heat and pressure together cover the laminated film of files, images, etc.
This laminate material is very popular in laminated photos, posters, banners, business cards, restaurant menus, etc.
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