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hmt delivers precision machine to isro

by:SNK     2019-08-30
Hyderabad HMT Machine Tool Co. , Ltd. designed, developed, manufactured and assembled a 3-
The four-axis CNC vertical mill is the Satish resident Sri harkota facing India (SDSC SHAR)
Build solid rocket engines.
HMT made such a big machine for the first time.
All parameters of the machine
Dispatch inspection, thus confirming the strength of the entity to build such a highend machines.
A version of HMT
Chairman and general manager of hmt s.
Gilesh Kumar unveiled the machine and handed it over to.
Balamurali, senior scientist at isro sdsc shar.
Said it was a state. of-the-
All kinds of artistic machines
Systems such as chip and dust collection systems, remote CNC
Control system for processing extremely dangerous solid propellant and high speed machining for motor insulation.
The machine will help ISRO increase production of solid rocket engines used to launch more satellites.
The cost of this machine is about Rs 18.
ISRO has ordered two other machines from hmt mtl and will be delivered by March 2019.
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