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Here are slant bed CNC lathe may use jig come see!

by:SNK     2020-08-23
Here are slant bed CNC lathe may use jig come see! Release date: 2020 04 - 01 clicks: maybe some customers will ask: 191 times as a CNC lathe, why the production efficiency is several times? Conclusion turned out to be choose slant bed CNC lathe fixture is not appropriate, so that the production efficiency of machine tool greatly reduced. About how to raise the utilization ratio of nc machine tool, through the analysis of the use of the fixture has a lot to do. Many different kinds of CNC lathe fixture, used in metal cutting machine tool fixture are collectively referred to as machine tool fixture. In the modern production, machine tool fixture is a kind of indispensable process equipment, it directly affects the workpiece machining accuracy, labor productivity and product manufacturing costs, etc. At present, the machining according to the production batch can be divided into two categories: one is single, many varieties, small batch, Or small batch production, ; Another kind is few varieties and large quantities of ( Mass production) 。 Among them the former 70 - of the total output value accounted for about mechanical processing The main body of 80%, the mechanical processing. Small batch production machine tool holder has of priority? 1) modular fixture modular fixture is also called & other; Modular fixture & throughout; , it consists of a series of standardized design, different function, different size of machine tool fixture element, customers can according to the processing requirements, like & other; Building blocks & throughout; , quickly assembled out of various types of machine tool fixture. Due to the modular fixture out the special fixture design and manufacturing time, greatly shorten the production preparation time, thus effectively shorten the small batch production cycle, improved the production efficiency. In addition, modular fixture has high positioning accuracy, large clamping flexible, repetition use, manufacturing energy-saving materials, the use of the advantages of low cost. So the small batch processing, especially when the product shape is more complicated to give priority to the use of modular fixture. (2) precision combination parallel-jaw vice combination parallel-jaw vice actually belongs to combination fixture & other; Fitting & throughout; , compared with other modular fixture element its versatility is stronger, more standardized, use more convenient, the clamping more reliable, so has been widely used in the global scope. Precision combination parallel-jaw vice is fast installation ( Remove) , and the advantages of rapid clamping, so it can shorten production preparation time, improve the efficiency of small batch production. (3) electric permanent magnet clamp electric permanent magnet is new type of permanent magnetic materials such as ndfeb magnetic source, using the modern magnetic circuit principle and design of a new type of fixture. A lot of the machining practice shows that electric permanent magnet jig can greatly improve integrated processing efficiency of CNC machine tools, machining center. Electric permanent magnet fixture clamping and loosening process for only 1 seconds, so greatly shortened the clamping time; Conventional machine tool fixture positioning elements and clamping elements take up the space is larger, the electric permanent magnet jig without these footprint components, so compared with the conventional machine tool fixture, electric permanent magnet fixture clamping range is bigger, which is beneficial to take full advantage of nc machine tools work table and processing schedule, is helpful to improve the comprehensive processing efficiency of CNC lathe. Then mass production priority for machine tool fixture and have? (1) hydraulic/pneumatic hydraulic/pneumatic clamping fixture based on hydraulic or air pressure as power source, hydraulic components and pneumatic components to realize the workpiece positioning, supporting and compaction of special fixture. Can be determined accurately and rapidly between workpiece and machine tool, cutting tool position, the position of the workpiece by the clamp to ensure accuracy, processing of high precision; Positioning and clamping process rapidly and greatly save the time of clamping and the release of the artifacts; Has a compact structure, at the same time can transfer the clamping, can undertake high speed heavy cutting, it can realize automatic control, etc. These advantages make it particularly suitable for the CNC lathes, machining centers, flexible production lines using, especially suitable for mass processing. (2) electric permanent magnet clamp electric permanent magnet has the fast clamping, easy to realize the transfer of the clamping, a clamping clamping surface processing, more stable and reliable, energy conservation, environmental protection, which can realize automatic control, etc. Compared with the conventional machine tool fixture, electric permanent magnet jig can significantly shorten the clamping time, decrease The Times of the clamping and improve the efficiency of the clamping, so not only applicable to small batch production, is also suitable for mass production.
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