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Heavy duty nc vertical lathe opening and closing and use the matters needing attention

by:SNK     2020-08-30
Heavy duty nc vertical lathe and use the matters needing attention for opening and closing release date: 2016 - 09 - 18 clicks: a 2187 times, nc vertical lathe open-close note 1, heavy duty nc vertical lathe, variable speed drive enclosure and valve leakage of the shaft seal is connected to form a whole, otherwise there should be a reliable string of leakage prevention measures. Part of the casing without sundry, gear grease should be protected. Heavy duty nc vertical lathe open-close direction of the valve actuator valve operation, should shut down clockwise. Due to the valve in the pipeline, are often need artificial opening and closing, opening and closing of CNC vertical lathe revolutions is unfavorable and overmuch, large diameter valves also should be in 200 - 600 RPM. Is one of the opening and closing operation, to facilitate in the work of the pipeline pressure situation, the biggest open-close torque appropriate for n - 240 m。 The valve opening and closing operation side should be square tenon, standard and size, and face to the ground, so that people can directly from the ground. The valve shall not apply to the underground pipe network with roulette. 2, heavy duty nc vertical lathe, the degree of opening and closing display panel of the valve opening and closing degree of calibration, should be cast on or after the transformation direction of gearbox cover plate shell, all want to face to the ground, the dial to brush on phosphor powder, as a prominent; Dial needle material under the condition of management better available stainless steel plate, it is to brush paint of steel plate, do not want to use aluminum leather making; Dial needle striking, fixation. Second, the heavy duty nc vertical lathe using note 1, enter the heavy duty nc vertical lathe are must wear work clothes, fit a working cap, shirt tie into the pants, open wide type jacket sleeves to tighten, the woman must put the hair into the cap; It is forbidden to wear high heels, sandals, slippers and shorts, skirts, and wear a scarf, so as to avoid burns. 2, start, nc car check to see if the chuck wrench has been removed, the machine speed controller is in the right place. 3, in the heavy duty nc vertical lathe machine tool operation agencies, can't change the handle. If transform to handle position, should be carried out after parking. 4, prohibit any way ( By hand or other) To contact was spinning spindle, artifacts, or other moving parts. 5, banned in main shaft work for tool installation and removal. 6, the clamping workpiece and adjusting cutter tools used in the ban on machine tool guideway. 7, no direct contact with hands point and iron filings, handle it with brush or hook. 8, in the process of automatic processing machine, open the machine door is prohibited. 9, nc vertical lathe operation, forbid play within the work place. 10, such as a job needs to be done two or more persons, to cooperate with each other, there must be a person responsible for the supervision and security, must first say 'hello' again before driving, driving to prevent accidents. 11, at the end of the heavy duty nc vertical lathe operation, to cut off power supply in time, clean the workbench on the surface of the iron filings and health.
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