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Hardware and software of the nc vertical lathe fault alarm display

by:SNK     2020-09-02
Hardware and software of the nc vertical lathe fault alarm display reading release time: 2019 - 11 - 11 clicks: 262 hardware and software of the nc vertical lathe fault alarm display read the short vertical lathe CNC vertical lathe, it is mainly used for machining large diameter, length, short of large, heavy-duty workpiece and not easily in the horizontal lathe jacket artifacts, turning diameter meet, too heavy a workpiece in the sleeping car don't drag, due to the weight of itself, to influence machining precision, using vertical lathe can solve the above problems. CNC vertical lathe generally can be divided into single column and double column. Small made of single column vertical lathe, large vertical lathe into a double column type. Vertical lathe's main features are: the workbench in horizontal plane, the workpiece is more convenient to install. The workbench is supported by rail, good rigidity, smooth cutting. The main characteristics of the vertical lathe is its main shaft in a vertical position. There are several tool rest, and can quickly change the knife, vertical lathe machining accuracy can be achieved IT9 - IT8, surface roughness Ra can be up to 3. 2 - 1. 6um. The main parameters of vertical lathe for maximum turning diameter D. CNC vertical lathe hardware and software fault alarm display: 1. Hardware alarm display hardware malfunction alarm device typically refers to the respective alarm indicator lights. In the numerical control system has many failure parts used to denote the indicator light, such as the operation panel control system, the CPU motherboard, servo control unit and other parts, once after the numerical control system of the light indicator fault state, according to the indicator light on the corresponding parts of alarm meaning, both can be approximately determining the location and nature of the failure, which will undoubtedly bring great benefit fault analysis and diagnosis. So maintenance personnel in the daily maintenance and breakdown maintenance should be paid attention to check the status of the indicator light is normal. 2. Software alarm display fault alarm display is usually index control system display shows a number of alarm and alarm information. Due to the numerical control system has the function of self-diagnosis, once the inspection is out of order, namely, according to fault levels and displayed on the monitor alarm and alarm information. Can be divided into the CNC software alarm alarm alarm and PLC, the former fault alarm for CNC parts, can be through the alarm, on 'numerical control system maintenance manual' to find the cause of the alarm and how to deal with in terms of content, to identify possible causes of failure; The latter's PLC alarm alarm information from alarm text produced by machine tool manufacturers, mostly belongs to the side of the machine tool fault alarm, have this kind of trouble, according to the alarm information, or the PLC user program fault diagnosis.
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