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Four component of CNC vertical lathe is introduced

by:SNK     2020-08-30
CNC vertical lathe, release time of the four components of 2015 - 10 - 10 clicks: 1 3192 times, control medium nc vertical lathe work, don't need workers to shake the handle operating vehicle, but people's intentions to be executed automatically, it must be in and establish a relationship between CNC vertical lathe, the connection of a medium as control medium ( Medium or program, input medium, information carrier) 。 Common control medium is 8 units of standard perforated tape, and it's commonly used punch tape paper, say again so paper tape. Its width is 25. 4 mm, thick 0. 108 mm, each row in addition must have a & phi; 1. 17 mm synchronous hole, there can be a maximum of 8 & phi; 1. 33 mm hole of information. With each row 8 hole with and without a permutation and combination of different code ( Tape on the hole arrangement, known as code) 。 Bring perforated tape reader of the input to the numerical control device, again by the perforated tape reader with code into a numerical control device can recognize and deal with electrical signals, and transmits to the numerical control device, and completed the work instruction information input. 2, CNC gear CNC vertical lathe numerical control is the centre of the nc machine tool, in the general nc machine tools in general by the input device, memory, controller, arithmetic unit and an output device. Numerical control device receives input media information, and its identification, storage, operation code, the corresponding instruction pulse output to drive servo system, and control for machine tool motion. In computer numerical control machine tool, the computer itself contains arithmetic unit, controller, such as the unit, so the role of the numerical control device are done by a computer. 3, the role of the servo system of nc vertical lathe servo system is the pulse signal conversion from numerical control device for machine tool motion of moving parts, the workbench ( Or walking board) Accurate positioning or track strictly according to regulations of relative movement, finally work out to meet the requirements of drawing parts. In the servo system of CNC vertical lathe, commonly used servo driving element has power stepping motor, electric hydraulic pulse motor, dc servo motor, ac servo motor and so on. 4, vertical lathe of vertical lathe CNC vertical lathe, use the general vertical lathe at the beginning, only in automatic transmission, automatic tool post or workbench transposition and handle make some change. The practice proved: CNC vertical lathe in addition to because the cutting parameter, such as continuous processing fever more influence, workpiece precision and automatic control, because it is in processing can't like the car at the general can at any time by the artificial intervention. So its design requirements more strict than general vertical lathe, more sophisticated manufacturing requirements. So later in the design of CNC vertical lathe, adopted many new strengthen rigidity, reduce the thermal deformation and improve the precision of measures, such as making the external modelling of CNC vertical lathe, general layout, the transmission system and tool system and so on have been great changes have taken place.
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