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For CNC lathe beginners 'a letter'

by:SNK     2020-08-22
For CNC lathe beginners 'letter' release date: 2020 - 04 - 15 clicks: 173 times of CNC lathe machining precision generally can reach 0. 05 - 0. 1 mm, it is according to the control in the form of digital signals, nc device each output pulse signal, then the machine moving parts move a pulse equivalent, As a general rule, be 0. 001mm) , and machine tool feed drive chain of the reverse clearance and screw pitch error of the mean by the nc device march compensation, therefore, its precision is higher. On the nc lathe machining parts mainly depends on the program, it is different from ordinary machine tool, don't have to make, replace many mould, fixture, often do not need to readjust the machine. Therefore, suitable for processing by frequent replacement parts, which is suitable for single piece and small batch production and the development of new products, so as to shorten the production preparation cycle, save the cost of a large number of process equipment. Than ordinary lathe, CNC lathe processing quality more stable, reliable, processing the same parts, on the same machine tool, in the same processing conditions, using the same tools and processing procedures, cutter feeding trajectory are exactly the same, good consistency of the parts, quality is stable. Processing can improve the working conditions, is before the adjustment, input and start the program, can automatically continuously carry on the processing machine tools, until the end of processing. The operator to do is to process the input, edit, part loading and unloading, tool preparation, processing condition observation, parts inspection, etc, labor intensity is reduced, machine operator Labour tends to intellectual work. In addition, the combined machine tool is generally, clean, and safe. Is the current numerical control lathe & other Beginners & throughout; , a large part of all is engaged in machine or semi-automatic machine tool skilled workers to operate manually, so the machining is familiar, but for nc lathe programming is a stranger; Have just graduated from mechanical college students, their knowledge of mechanical processing, familiar with CNC lathe machining and programming theory, but lack of practical experience in mechanical processing; Also has a lot of the operator is never contact machining and programming, they have to learn the CNC lathe operation, the difficulty is very great. For the novice: master certain CNC lathe operation skill is very important. On the one hand, can avoid lead to damage of lathe machine tool collision accident; Also can be in a relatively short time, can rapidly improve the operator of nc lathe operation skill, competent for his job, create economic benefits for the unit. So should pay attention to what? Mechanical explanation: you done operators need a general knowledge of the mechanical structure of lathe: an understanding of the mechanical structure of lathe; To master the lathe axis distribution; Must firmly grasp the nc turning axis of positive and negative direction; To grasp the function of the CNC lathe parts and use, such as simple principle of pneumatic system and function, simple working principle and function of the hydraulic system, In addition to master lathe working principle and function of each auxiliary units such as knife library, cooling unit, voltage stabilizer, the working principle of the electrical cabinet cooler and so on cell function and method of use, and lathe various security door lock, and the working principle, function and method of use. Mastering the numerical control lathe the action button functions: know how to execute a program; After check the workpiece machining status in the how to pause, continue to execute a program, after returning to hold how to stop the program; How to change the program again after execution, and the like. Understand operating system control principle and working method; System use what language, CNC lathe processing using software and its use of language. If the operator do not understand the language or do not understand the vocabulary of the language, you will need to professional training, during training need to make notes carefully. In addition, the operator need to statements in the training to the operation of the general alarm when the study master, know on behalf of the Chinese is what meaning, how to solve the problem, how to eliminate the error alarm. In addition for the operator, if you have energy and ability permits, can learn to master the language of the class, so to improve after CNC lathe operation skills are of great help. Learn to the actual machining process skills, prepare carefully, drawing read first, confirmed to the location of the machining, confirm to the precision of machining parts of tolerance, then edit processing program. To processing the workpiece and cutting tool or grinding wheel ready, will be needed in the manufacturing process of testing instrument is ready, will be needed in the manufacturing process of auxiliary tooling and fixture is ready to complete.
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