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five-axis machining.

by:SNK     2019-09-10
In order to meet the market demand of the aircraft industry, KY Florence\'s Mazak company built MTV-
815, at the same time 5-
Vertical machining center with vertical head.
It is equipped with an overall spindle of 50 hp and 10,000 rpm for rough machining.
For hard materials, a high torque spindle option with 6000 rpm and 865 lb torque is provided.
There is a 7 machine. 5 sec chip-to-
For the X and Y axes, the high speed feed rate is up to 945 ipm, for the z axis, the Chip Cutter replacement time is 787 ipm, and for the and B axes, the reduction of the non-metallic cutting time is 3600 °c/min.
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