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five-axis machine offers 3d contours. - free online library

by:SNK     2019-09-09
The RB-
200F series five-
SNK America\'s axle machining center provides multi-angle and 3D contour machining. [
Slightly] Illustrations
RB of SNK-with large spindle head and stamping assembly, and structure of cast iron, cast iron and steel welding parts
The F series provides rigid operation. The RB-
F. The spindle provides sufficient power form for the overall aerospace parts.
Suitable for complex mold and mold Applications, v.
Shaft control of RB
Multi-Precision F series
Angle milling and drilling, contour milling and plane machining. General-
Uses include aluminum MRI rotor castings, stainless steel mechanical parts, curved machining and wood/plastic patterns.
SNK USA, Booth A-8432,www. rsleads. com/807tp-
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