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five axes, one setup, endless results: the one setup power of a 5-axis machine brought a machine shop into the future.

by:SNK     2019-09-08
Owens industries, oakcreek, WI, specializing in high performance processing--Provide Highquality, high-
Tolerance components for the medical, computer and telecom industries.
With the rapid development of the telecom industry business, the share of the relevant departments in owens business is increasing.
But as the trend changes, Mark Plesnik, a former employee, was asked to develop a new business model and bring the company back to profitability.
Because most of Owens\'s work is busy.
Value of raw materials-
Nickel, molybdenum, titanium and other alloys-
Presnick and his team are trying to reduce waste and eliminate waste.
A solution involves maintaining multiple settings on the machine to save time and ensure accuracy.
Another way is to perform different operations in a separate process. [
Slightly] Illustrations
\"Each time a part is transferred from one machine or process to another, there is a risk of exceeding the tolerance.
As a result, we are moving toward more 4-and 5-
Shaft machining and using better tools perform multiple functions on the same machine.
This is the future of machining and the future of the Owens industry, Presnick said.
\"I saw the impact of outsourcing on US store production --
Our future lies on the basis of diversity.
High precision parts requiring up to 7-
The number of shaft processing as low as medium, \"Plesnik said.
\"We need to do the work that other stores won\'t do without perfect results.
\"Challenge Texas --
Headquartered in Engineering, developed a concept for emergency closure
The off mechanism for the well requires a shop that can provide the accuracy of the required parts.
\"The components used by the device are all down-hole andabove-
The key to this process is a baffle cover that cuts off the oxygen supply from any fire.
The material is high-
Nickel alloy, tolerance 0.
0015 \"in insideradius.
They can\'t find a shop willing to produce parts in large quantities-
Much less at a reasonable price-
Until they come to us.
\"The engineering company has made it clear that if Owens can play this role, there will be the following:on business.
\"Because this part is bigger than what we usually deal with, we have to buy a fullintegrated 5-
A shaft machining center with sufficient rigidity to maintain tolerances, \"Plesnik said.
After extensive search, Owens chose a Hermes C 20 U from Hermes. , Franklin, WI.
\"In addition to meeting our expectations in terms of capabilities, we are also impressed by Hermes\'s commitment to customer service,\" he said . \".
\"The company\'s app staff worked closely with our team and once the sales were successful, its service team complained that the installation was perfect and on time. \" [
Slightly] Illustrations
Processing parts machines meet production requirements for emergency shutdown-off mechanism.
\"We first roughly turn to the approximate shape and then transfer it to Hermes,\" plesnik said . \".
\"In one setting, we perform horizontal and vertical drilling, tapping and profiling milling.
The surface finish is critical and the customer specifies that the sealing surface must be ground in order to be fully sealed.
We can achieve [MU]
\"Sealing can be done without grinding, eliminating multiple operations on different machines,\" he said . \".
\"Processing time is 4. 5 hours--
Great achievements have been made in this complex. Without 5-
Shaft machining, it may take more than twice the time and need multiple settings.
\"This project is very successful.
\"When the parts do a vacuum test, it stays for more than half an hour before they stop the test.
No other parts had a stay of more than 8 minutes before we delivered the parts, \"he said.
Owen\'s customer list has grown, diversified and diversified to serve industries such as medical, tools and appliances, avionics and aerospace, communications, high technology, etc.
Technology business providers, R & D companies and the oil industry.
The key is to be careful at every step of the manufacturing process. On high-
For valuable parts, sufficient burrs are essential, however, given the relatively subtle nature of the parts, it cannot be done by mechanical means alone.
The dedicated burr removal chamber with a microscope and measuring equipment is isolated from the rest of the facility.
Here, experienced personnel make sure to remove the excess material without damaging the part.
Owens maintains an appreciation program led by the most skilled workers.
This is one of the few shops where mechanics can grind tools under a microscope stored in the processing station.
The quality assurance department is equally important.
Due to the 100% inspection required for many parts orders, QAdepartment receives finished parts with blueprints or cad drawings along with the original purchase order.
\"We want to make sure that every requirement specified by the customer is met and nothing will be forgotten,\" Presnick said . \".
Many stores are thriving when they experience overseas competition.
By improving the manufacturing capacity, the company has achieved sustained growth mainly through word of mouth.
\"Machines and tools are important, but the most important thing is to let people know how to use them.
Our commitment to the continuous development of talents and the cultivation of a new generation of talents is the key to our success and future.
Putting the right tools in the hands of the right team, miracles will happen . \"
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