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Exploring the structure of machine tool spindle bearing CNC lathe manufacturer

by:SNK     2020-08-28
CNC lathe manufacturer on exploring the structure of machine tool spindle bearing release date: 2017 - 08 - 23 clicks: 2788 times in the nc machine tools, both numerical control lathe, drilling machine and milling machine, the main shaft is the most critical components, the accuracy of nc machine tools plays a vital role. Spindle structure and to realize the function of the close, machining and assembly process and factors affecting its shape. The structure of the spindle end has been standardized, existing in the spindle of the shape of the head manual. Machine tool spindle generally have two or three supporting positioning forms. CNC lathe factory here is two support of CNC milling machine spindle is introduced: most of the machine tool spindle front bearing consists of 3182100 series bearings and one of angular contact bearings can withstand the two-way force. Abroad have a lot of nc machine tool spindle also USES this structure. The structure for factory strong technical force, reasonable selection and adjustment according to experience, not too much influence on accuracy. But that exist in the design of structure, the current 3182100 series bearings, need to preload to tighten the nut. Before the assembly matching the adjusting pad 1, for the machining of main shaft reason, it is difficult to make the adjustment pads just conform to the requirements of the 3182100 series of bearing pre-tightening force, because after every piece of mount, tighten the nut to make 3182100 series bearing preload, but when the bearing outer end and adjusting pad face contact, for bearing position has been established by death, nut screw. If the bearing 2 fails to reach the proper pre-tightening force, will influence the spindle rigidity and rotation accuracy. In bearing accuracy has been chosen, and the workpiece machining is also good, theoretically analyzed before and after the adjustment of the bearing on the accuracy of the spindle. Before and after bearing the maximum radial runout is located in the same plane, and on the same side of the spindle axis. δ For spindle front inspection of the radial runout, & delta; 1 says the biggest radial runout, front bearing & delta; 2 said after bearing the maximum radial runout and & delta; < δ 1 < δ 2, a is the distance of the main shaft bearing to the inspection before, L is the distance between the spindle bearing before and after. Another case, before and after bearing the biggest beating in the same plane, but in the both sides of the spindle axis. Maximum radial runout of the end of inspection for & delta; ′ And & delta; ′> δ 1. Compare two cases can draw the following conclusion: & delta; < δ ′ That if make the spindle front inspection place minimum radial runout. Bearing clearance is the important factors that affect the precision and rigidity of spindle. Bearing in the process of preloaded, however, if the gap is too small, easy to cause the spindle bearing overheating; If the gap is too big, and can affect the rotation accuracy, so the bearing pre-tightening, it is hard to clearance one-time set. If the adjustment is bad, but also to remove the bearings and related parts, then take out the adjustment pads for grinding. How much is reasonable, is ground to cannot calculate in theory, only with experience. So cumbersome and difficult to guarantee the effect.
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