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Does Your CNC Machine Need Operators?

Does Your CNC Machine Need Operators?


SNK-Does Your CNC Machine Need Operators

It has been a question everywhere whether the CNC machine manufacturers allow their machines to have an operator. The answer is, apart from the machine being automatically modified to run, there should be an operator that set up the settings, ensure everything is in order by giving the machine all the commands it deserves. CNC machining is a popular manufacturing method which makes some precision parts to the automotive, aeroscope, some technical industries, and power.

The CNC machines use technical equipment for the materials of the machines to products, prototypes, or parts and they are like robots which do whatever they are commanded to do. The CNC machines use materials like wood, metal, composites, and plastic, those are being worked on with the CNC tools like the cutters, EDM wire, presses, drills, and lathes. Here, we will deal with some overview on the roles of the CNC operator, some skills he/she should have to be a qualified operator, the basic components of the machine that he/she needs to know, as well as some basic tips one should know for the efficient operation of the CNC machine.

CNC machine operator has the following roles:

• Should interpret well technical data and drawings.

• Sequence well the machining tasks.

• Checking and selecting the required machine tools.

• Setting the parameters of the machines like some allowable tolerances and cutting speed.

• Operating the machine and computer.

• Inspecting the output products quality about the standard of the CNC machine manufacturers.

• Rectifying any inconveniences that may occur in the final products.

• Maintaining and calibrating the machine parts.

• Programming the CNC machine equipment codes from the settings or data to automated software which generates the codes.

The CNC machine manufacturers should have their machine operators who are qualified to work with their machines professionally. Here are the skills that an excellent CNC operator should have.

Skills of an Excellent Machine Operator

1. An Attention to detail

The experts of CNC machines should follow and interpret the engineering drawings in 2D and know well about the CNC machining center, be able to visualize their appearance in 3D so they can be able to decide the machining order. Engineers need to produce written instruction to be followed by the operators. Operators should prioritize and ascertain important design features and ensure they are carefully machined. The expert operator should develop or have a good detailed eye and ensure they set up everything perfectly and accurately.

2. Math and IT Skills

A CNC operator works with CAM (computer aided manufacturing) software which makes him excellent in IT. The tools and software are regularly updated meaning the operators should go for training regularly. Math will help them in checking and understanding dimensions, setting out materials, checking the tolerances, and setting parameters that are designed in software.

3. Have Practical skills

An operator should have mechanical engineering skills that will help him understand better the working of the machine. They are often needed by the CNC machine manufacturers to maintain and calibrate tools and machines.

4. They Should Be Able To Solve Problem

The technical equipment may have some problems in some cases. An operator must perfectly well understand the problem and know how to solve them among others. There might be other errors like inconsistent drawing designs, intolerance end product, a material having problems, among many more. When an operator notices such problems, he/she should have a positive attitude of doing it to correct that issue.

5. Have Desire of Becoming an Expert

When one has a desire to become an operator of CNC machines, he/she will easily understand the above skills. The machining is a technical craft, and it requires engineering and knowledge skill combination. The best operators should constantly study and have their knowledge updated with the change in technology.

CNC machine manufacturers look for the operators who can understand CNC deeply milling machines basic components which include:

I). Control panel - The control panel is a machine’s heart. It has the keyboard which is used by technicians when entering G-codes into the machine. The G-codes are commands which enable machines to perform the cuts as per the requirements.

II). Coolant supply tube - An operator needs to understand coolant supply tubes that pump cool material to the machine when the metal is being milled since both of them will be hot. It ensures the cutting tool is lubricated for smooth movement and keeping machines cool.

III). Table - Plastic, metal, or wood, are kept on the table to be milled. The materials are attached on the table with the clamp.

IV). Axis - A machine has a maximum of six axes.

V). Column - It is the place running along the axis while holding the milling part.

VI). Cutting tool - The cutting tool does the real job and attached with the column.

For a CNC machine operator to be perfect in his/her operation in the CNC machine manufacturers, he/she needs to know some important tips that will help him/her to be able to operate a CNC machine efficiently. The tips to know include:

1. You need to be familiar with G programming language

Most CNC machines are derived with the G code programming language and help the machine in performing its operations. An operator needs to have more knowledge and skills in such CAM software.

2. Using the Correct Cutter and Ensure Its Properly Handled

Excellent cutters are used in preventing failure risk factor. You may succeed or fail in terms of which you handle your cutter in the milling process, so you need to ensure the cutter is properly placed before the milling process begins.

3. Never forget safety and preventive measures

When you are operating a CNC machine in the CNC machine manufacturers, never forget that safety should be the most critical issue to look upon. You need to understand various preventive machine measures as well as the environment in which you work.

4. You should be in a position of rectifying small issues and performing well troubleshooting.

You need to have skills concerning the maintenance of the machine as the best CNC operator. Such responsibilities may be replacing some tools like knobs and drills.

5. Know the way precision inspection equipment is used.

Uses the precision equipment tool for clarifying you is using the correct components production range, and always it will help you in ensuring component fabrication processes are perfectly done.

Every CNC machine manufacturers ensure that a machine is operated by a qualified operator who has got some duties, responsibilities, qualifications, and basic components concerning the machine that they need to know.

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